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California Commission Scandal Worsens

The long-awaited announcement of the new Executive Director of the California Athletic Commission was NOT announced because the man Vice Chairman John Frierson didn’t want to win, did just that and wo...Read More

Cotto-Corley Light Up HBO After Dark

And you don’t take a knee in Puerto Rico! Think I’m kidding, ask Demarcus Coley? When I posted the 15-1 Odds favoring Miguel Cotto over Demarcus Coley, I talked about the risks and gains of betting ...Read More

"Operation Yory Boy" Part VI Closes The Case

Ever since this Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas scandal was thrown in the lap of “The Equalizer” a fortnight ago, my life has been hell! Watching things develop in the rapid manner in which I have, I found m...Read More

"Operation Yory Boy" Part V, "Twists &...

As we take yet another look at “Operation Yory Boy” in Part V this morning, it’s all about following the money that was looted from Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas by either Bob Arum’s Top Rank, its Officers,...Read More

Top Rank and The Media Can No Longer Be "In Denial!"

Seeing nobody has conned me like that dupe in the movie “The Sting” featuring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, the latest “Exclusive” revelations broken here at involving Bob Arum’s To...Read More

"Operation Yory Boy" Means End of Top Rank

What I am going to lay out for you is how Promoter Bob Arum’s Top Rank “Pimped” off a non-English speaking fighter. And before you think the verbiage I’ve employed, “Pimped,” that it is too harsh a w...Read More

Being Cheated & Boxing Crooks Put On Trial

Bad Decisions in the sport of boxing have many a negative effect on the shorted pugilist. And while I don’t think that Jose Navarro will fall apart emotionally like Jeff Fenech and Luisito Espinosa di...Read More

Yakuza Involved in Navarro-Kawashima Fight

In a business where snakes are the dominant force, there are some good guys who at times can lose sight of what’s right and wrong! That being said, I’m taking Promoter Lou Di Bella to task for his ha...Read More

Upcoming Schedule Odds & Predictions

Pedro Fernandez lays down his picks, the odds and betting favorites for the upcoming Boxing schedule....Read More

A Conspiracy in Navarro-Kawashima Fight

Having been one that looks suspiciously at everything from the faked Apollo pictures to the Grassy Knoll, I’ve found there was no “Conspiracy to Defraud” Jose Navarro of the WBC 115 lb. belt a fortnig...Read More

Rise and Fall of Hector Camacho

When Hector Camacho made headlines last week in Mississippi for allegedly breaking into-and then stealing items from a store, I wasn’t surprised as much as I was bothered. Training for a January 21st...Read More

FBI Looks At Boxing Crooks Domestic & Foriegn

Faced with the prospect that one of their stool pigeons might cross over, a Task Force consisting of FBI, NYPD, and U.S. Justice Dept. personnel raided the offices of Top Rank and Promoter Bob Arum on...Read More

Clearing The Desk For 2005

Glancing back at 2004, it was a pretty good year for the sport and business of boxing. But before I go to the positives, let’s get real on some of the negatives. After Bob Yalen single handedly ruin...Read More

Why The "Club" Show is All But Dead

Somebody showed me a picture of myself the other day taken one Saturday at the now defunct Newman-Herman’s Gym in San Francisco. The reason why I can say for a fact that this was a Saturday was that ...Read More

Being Wrong on Mosley and Steroids

Having lit up Shane Mosley of late in a manner similar to Laura Bush lighting up the White House Christmas tree a few weeks ago, I realize now that I’ve been wrong. So wrong! Real Wrong! You see, I...Read More

Huge Bag of Dirt, But Some Boxing Too

Los Angeles - Anyway you look at it, the two men headlining tomorrow nights HBO Championship Boxing card each hold a piece of boxing history in that the pair not only knocked Roy Jones the puck out, b...Read More

Boxing Fans Treated Like Crack Addicts

The main event on Saturday night was a battle for the WBC heavyweight throne that was being defended for the initial time by Vitali Klitschko. The opponent, and I mean that in more than one way, Dann...Read More

Steroids & Mosley, Mittlemen & Top Rank

While listening to a mid-60’s tune entitled, “A Lovers Concerto” yesterday, my mind wandered from the positive thoughts of amore to the reality of professional boxing. That being said, I would be rem...Read More

Barry Bonds, Steroids, Shane Mosley & Max K Too

Having not read any News other than that relating to the world of boxing since November 2nd, I was ripping and running through the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix Friday when I noticed headlines stating...Read More

Nothing But Da' Weekend Fights

Anytime you’re staring across the ring at an ex-champion in a big fight, the question going through your head is “How much does he have left?” When it comes to ex-WBA middleweight titleholder William...Read More