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Max Kellerman, Mayweather, Mosley & B Hop - Boxing Business Sport or Entertainment?

Posted 09-24-2009 at 11:07 AM by LEFTYGUNZZ

Okay, okay, okay gentlemen. It has been almost 5 days now and we are still buzzing about the post fight interview that Max Kellerman lost control of or took control of depends on which way you look at it. Honestly whether you are a fan of Floyd or not you have to admit this event and his return to the sport is exactly what boxing needed. I will be the first to admit that and say that we as fans and boxing as a sport is better off now than it was back in March. The fact that the fight was bashed as much as it was and was going up against a UFC event that night and it did as well or is being projected to have done as well is great for boxing. I think Floyd did was he was supposed to do he beat Marquez and he did it in a almost flawless fashion. He made it look damn easy. Marqez is a true warrior and he deserves all his props too for getting in there with Floyd and giving us his best.

That being said I think the post fight interview was awesome I mean really did we all want to hear Floyd say the usual like l thank god for blessing me with my talent and without him none of this would be possible. Marquez is a great fighter he is tough as nails. I would like to thank my team for making the sacrifices and the terrific training program put together by my Uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather my dad Floyd Sr and my cut man. Reebok and the other sponsors Mayweather productions along with Golden Boy for making this possible. I mean did we really want to hear him dance around the question of Floyd who do you want next? I fight anybody my team puts in front of me. If it is Manny Pacquiao he can get it too. Miguel Cotto he cant beat me I am the best Money Mayweather if it looks like money and smells like money it must be me. I mean seriously gentlemen boxing needed a little spark. They need to be back in the news get some press be on ESPN or some other sports stations. I know everyone is talking about it good or bad it is publicly.

We need fighters confronting other fighters calling people out in public seeing the best fight the best. People say it is like WWE they say boxing is a business right. Well it is in the business of entertainment right? Well I agree it is a business and it is supposed to be entertaining right? . Look at the UFC / MMA the post fight interviews or the hype on the fights. Yeah sure some of the fights are matched up but you win or you give a good show you get the right match up. The way the fighters contract are drawn up the promotion of the sport not just individual fighters is key. All in all I dont see where Kellerman was wrong nor do I see where Mosley was wrong or did something that was bud for the sport. I think the sport needs a shot in the arm and controversy and differences that get settled in the ring is good for boxing. I say the fighters should do what they do and fight. We as fans should be happy we have fighters promoters and sports personalities that tell it like it is and want to give us a good product and keep the entertainment coming at us. Real talk gentlemen real talk.
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  1. Old
    project xxx1's Avatar
    i do agree with you to a certian extent,maybe we do need it boxing but it never works like that in boxing,till 2 teams dont sit down and sort out a deal it will never work.say pbf turned around and said ill fight you in december but your only getting 20 percent of the money and im taking 80 percent,mosley would of never agree to that and then everybody would either say mosleys only wants to fight for big money or pbf is pricing himself out of the fight because he is scared of a true ww.just my opinion mate but one thing that did annoy me was max kellerman,he was being so arkward towards pbf you could actually see his personal dislike for the fighter,what a mug,not given him any creidt for a great win after being out of the ring for 2 years even though we did expect pbf to win.just a thought mate and i did enjoy reading your blog
    Posted 09-25-2009 at 07:48 AM by project xxx1 project xxx1 is offline
  2. Old
    LEFTYGUNZZ's Avatar
    dude PBF tore the HBO crew to pieces before fight week. He ripped Merchant and called Emmanuel Steward and Uncle Tom. So you have to believe Max had some sort of animosity going into the interview and that he was not going to lay meatball questions in there for Floyd to knock out of the park....Lefty
    Posted 09-25-2009 at 11:22 AM by LEFTYGUNZZ LEFTYGUNZZ is offline
  3. Old
    project xxx1's Avatar
    fair enough,i knew that he called manny steward a uncle tom but i didnt know the rest of i suppose it was ok 4 max to do that but it was funny to see the look on his face when things got heated with mosley and hopkins
    Posted 09-25-2009 at 06:18 PM by project xxx1 project xxx1 is offline

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