By T.K. Stewart

With recent reports of a dispute over the weight at which the proposed Zab Judah vs. Matthew Hatton fight is to take place (140 or 147) on the undercard of the Sept. 19th Mayweather vs. Marquez show, little of that seems to be bothering Judah.

Zab, who relocated to Las Vegas a couple of years ago, is reportedly partying like it's 1999. Sources in Las Vegas tell that Judah is burning the candle at both ends and is a frequent visitor to the Moon/Playboy Club at The Palms and is also seen at the Pure Nightclub in Caesars Palace.

“Zab is one of the last ones out of The Palms,” says the source. “He closes the place and Zab likes to enjoy himself. He's here at three o'clock in the morning but he's just having fun. He's a lot of fun to be around and people enjoy his company.”

Judah told the source that, “I want to fight Manny Pacquiao, right f------ now! Man I'd love to get that fight!”

A match against Pacquiao would seem a tall order for Judah, 31, who hasn't defeated a ranked contender in four years and has lost four of his last eight fights. He has not fought at all in 2009 and the former 140 and 147-pound champion, who has a record of 37-6, 25 KOs is rumored to be fighting Matthew Hatton or perhaps Antonio Diaz next.

“I can tell you that Zab isn't exactly living the life of a boxer,” said the source. “He's staying up all night, going home when the sun comes up and that he sleeps most of the day. He goes to the gym in the late afternoon before hitting the town again. Zab lives life. His brother Joe was out here with him a while ago and I don't they slept for a whole day.”