by Ronnie Nathanielsz

World Boxing Council president Don Jose Sulaiman and the WBC support random drug testing which has been undertaken all year round by WBC Diamond Belt super bantamweight champion Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire.

When asked for his stand on the issue of random drug tests, Sulaiman told the Manila Standard “ The WBC has a medical recommendation since our convention in Las Vegas last year and it has been on study to amend the rules to have it in addition to the pre-weigh in 30 days before the event.”

Sulaiman explained that it has been “on hold” because of recommendations on the testing methods, one of which is that the hair follicles should be tested rather than the usual blood test.

The WBC president also told us - “There are also considerations about the specific test that we would prefer, as well as the form of assuring certainty of the sample“ which are important considerations.

When informed of our personal efforts to get fighters to undergo random drug tests so as not to cheat and have an undue advantage of opponents who are clean Sulaiman said “ You are absolutely right.-  One thing is a boxer having to take a medication, and another thing is to take drugs to be on an advantage over his rival.”

In an interview at the ABS-CBN Christmas party Donaire expressed his admiration for Sulaiman and the WBC’s action on this issue and remarked that as far as he knows the testing of hair follicles will definitely be cheaper although he thinks the blood tests may be more conclusive.

However, LIVESTRONG.COM states " Hair follicle tests determine if individuals use illegal substances or performance enhancing medications. These tests prove useful for testing employees, athletes and students. Hair follicle tests can detect substances used for a longer time frame than blood or urine tests. These tests can also analyze nutrient and mineral levels in the body."