By Mark Vester

Manager Frank Espinoza had seen enough on Saturday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. He sat ringside and watched his fighter, featherweight Israel Vazquez, take a bloody three round beating at the hands of Rafael Marquez.

Vazquez has suffered a lot of damage above both of his eyes from the previous three wars with Marquez. Multiple surgeries above the right eye had forced him to take a layoff from March 2008 until October 2009. While Vazquez was able to stop Angel Antonio Priolo in the ninth round of that October fight, most people were alarmed because Priolo, coming into the Vazquez bout, had lost his last six fights to much smaller and lesser fighters - but he was able to bust up Vazquez's face and made the fight very close before it was over.

After the ref stopped the fight on Saturday night in the third, Vazquez was a bloody mess with huge cuts above both eyes and swelling on his face. No more, said long-time manager and close friend, Espinoza.

"That's it. His career is over," Espinoza said. "[Vazquez] doesn't need to fight again."

After the fight was over, Vazquez said that he felt OK and was open to fighting Marquez for a fifth time, but not if Espinoza has anything to say. It's obvious those eyes will open up very easy from hard punches.

"I feel OK," Vazquez said. "I can see and everything, but I need to take care of my eyes. He hit me with a good shot, and my eye just opened up. I didn't know until I saw the blood that I was cut."

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