By Mesuli Zifo

ONCE again the high levels of crime in South Africa may end the career of a promising boxer.

This after IBF Intercontinental bantamweight champion Mzuvukile Magwaca was shot during a robbery at his Khayelitsha home in Cape Town recently.

According to reports the thugs burst into Magwaca's home and demanded a television set while also demanding the occupants to hand over a cell phone and cash.

When they could not unplug the television set they demanded Magwaca to take it off and an argument ensued.

Magwaca was shot in the leg before the assailants fled.

He was rushed to a local hospital from which he was transferred to Tygerburg hospital as his situation worsened.

The 26-year-old unbeaten star in 23 bouts with three draws, is considered one the brightest prospects in the country and was tipped to to go all the way in the game.

In his last bout this past December, Magwaca easily beat former WBO champion  Immanuel Naidjala of Namibia to retain his IBF Intercontinental crown.

His trainer Zola Koti, who also trained former two time IBF junior lightweight champion Mzonke Fana, could not say if Magwaca would be able to resume his boxing career.

“We are waiting for the word from doctors who will operate him on to ascertain the extent of the wound,” he said.

“But the initial medical report was not promising as the doctors said several bones were shattered.”

The boxer who ironically goes by the “Old Bones” moniker has become another statistic of crime in South Africa.

A few years ago his stablemate Lwando Molwana was shot dead in the same area by assailants.

Several other SA boxers have lost their lives through stabbing incidents sparking authorities to call for drastic measures to combat escalating crime.

Last year SA boxing commission held a seminar in which boxers were advised to conduct themselves in an orderly manner and not roam the streets freely as they become targets of robbery.

Magwaca was on resurgent having previously occupied the top ten ratings of the WBA owing to the association’s international crown he held before his career stalled due to promotional wrangles.

He has now re-climbed the rankings with the IBF listing him at the 10th spot of its bantamweight division.