Cruiserweight prospect Tommy Fury has rejected the idea of pursuing a fight with Youtube star Jake Paul - because he doesn't view him as a real boxer.

Fury, who is the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has been trading words with Paul on social media.

Their online rivalry first began when older brother Tyson called for a fight between his younger sibling and Paul.

Fury sports a record of 5-0 with four wins by knockout.

Paul, who made his pro debut in 2020, is 2-0 with two knockouts.

He is scheduled to return on April 17 on pay-per-view, in a fight with mixed martial arts veteran Ben Askren.

Fury picked up his fifth win last month and intends to see action a few more times in 2021.

"He's a YouTuber who has done very well for himself but he's trying to gimmick the boxing. That's what I see from my end. I don't see him as a real, legitimate boxer. I don't see him as anything," Tommy Fury told Sky Sports.

"If Tyson hadn't have brought it up, I would never have spouted his name. He's a YouTuber in America somewhere, I've got no interest. That chapter has closed now. I saw a Jake Paul interview where he said: 'The fight might be interesting one day'.

"If you want to fight, you want to fight. If you don't, you don't. I'd respect him more if he just said: 'Tommy is too advanced, he's been boxing all his life'. Just say that rather than say: 'The fight might happen'.

"Let's have it right; he won't want to step in the ring with me. If I were him, I wouldn't either. Leave him to it. He's a man who doesn't want to fight. He just wants to cause ruffles on social media to get his name out there. If Jake ever wants to fight, he knows where I am. If he stops playing around with singers, YouTubers and UFC men who are wrestlers, not fighters, then give me a call!"