To a portion of the boxing world, Keyshawn Davis looks like he has next. He hasn’t fought the best of the best as of yet but the former Olympic silver medalist passes the eye test. The most important thing for Davis is to eventually fight for a world title. In the midst of vying for one, however, the 24-year-old is hoping to knock off a few of his young contemporaries.

In addition to wanting to stomp out Frank Martin, Davis is anxious to get his hands on Floyd Schofield Jr. For the last several months, a friendly rivalry has become a heated feud. With both sides fulminating openly, Floyd Schofield Sr. has taken offense to some of Davis’ brazen words.

After eyeing the highly rated prospect up and down while examining his skills, Schofield Sr. believes that Davis isn’t what he’s cracked up to be.

“Keyshawn is garbage,” said Schofield Sr. to Tha Boxing Voice during a recent interview.

Schofield Jr., of course, is still living off the high associated with his first main event. After suddenly being placed in the spotlight, the 21-year-old shined, winning a lopsided unanimous decision over Haskell Rhodes in early July.

Davis, to his credit, has been wiping the floor with his competition as well. Following one-sided beatdowns over Anthony Yigit and Francesco Patera, Davis (9-0, 6 KOs) will make his return in just over a month when he takes on Nahir Albright.

When he isn’t outclassing his opponents in the ring, Davis brings that hubris-filled energy outside of it. In just a few more fights, Davis is convinced that he’ll grab one of the four major world titles at 135 pounds and begin to separate himself from the pack. All of that, nevertheless, is nothing but talk. Deep down inside, Schofield Sr. knows that Davis is putting on a facade. If by chance, he were able to put his son and Davis in the ring with one another, Davis himself knows how it would play out.

“Keyshawn don’t want to fight us. Never did, never will. Keyshawn knows what we’ll do to him.”