Shakur Stevenson has gone through all of the emotions. From disheartened to frustrated, Stevenson has experienced it all. But after watching elite fighter after elite fighter turn him down, the former Olympic silver medalist was a happy man once Frank Martin ostensibly stepped up to the plate.

As reported by, both Martin and Stevenson agreed to terms and appeared to be on a collision course for mid-November.

From the euphoric feeling of landing a big-time fight, to despondency following Martin’s sudden removal, Stevenson couldn’t believe it. Although his reasoning is still unknown, the 26-year-old former champion was forced to go into scramble mode.

Edwin De Los Santos immediately waved his hand at Stevenson. The Dominican contender has never been unnerved by the possibility of facing the highly ranked contender. While many view Stevenson as a defensive savant with unique offensive timing, De Los Santos (16-1, 14 KOs) sees a very beatable fighter.

Initially, Stevenson (20-0, 10 KOs) showed little interest. However, his options aren’t a mile long. So, maybe even reluctantly with a dash of disappointment, Stevenson has decided to take his man up on his offer. As reported by Mike Coppinger of ESPN, both Stevenson and De Los Santos have agreed to terms. Now, although nothing is quite official, all signs point to the pair getting it on in November.  

Stevenson has taken the time to mull things over. After doing so, an indelible smile was plastered onto his face. There was no doubt that he wanted to share the ring with Martin. His supposed replacement, at least in his opinion, is actually the better fighter from top to bottom.

“This fighter got more heart than the rest of em,” said Stevenson on his social media account. “And truthfully speaking, I believe he is a better fighter than the b!tch who got cold feet and pulled out.”

Viewing De Los Santos as the better fighter is a subjective answer. But wherever you fall in that discussion, one thing is crystal clear...he’s on a roll.

A split decision loss at the hands of William Foster in 2022 only motivated the 23-year-old. Not only has he gone on to pick up three consecutive victories but during two of those triumphs, he stripped away the undefeated records of his opponents.

The sudden withdrawal of Martin is now officially behind him. Stevenson also isn’t paying attention to how difficult it’s been for him to secure a fight against a notable name. At this point, he’s satisfied with his opponent selection. Now, it’s simply time to lock in.

“I don’t duck no smoke, let's get to it, Edwin De Los Santos.”