Sena Agbeko has never been an incredibly big guy. Although he has muscles protruding from parts of his body you didn't know existed, in terms of his overall stature, he isn’t overwhelming.

Standing at barely 6’0”, Agbeko attempts to stomp around the super middleweight division like a giant. With the majority of his wins coming before the sound of the final bell, the 31-year-old has managed to carve out a nice role amongst his fellow 168-pounders. However, after his latest trek to the ring, Agbeko (28-3, 22 KOs) has grown sick and tired of giving his opponents a size advantage.

“These guys at 168 are like oh my God,” Agbeko told “I can make 160 easy but I choose to stay at 168.”

Moving down in weight isn’t a decision that arbitrarily came about. It’s one that became painfully obvious following his lopsided loss at the hands of David Morrell.

This past weekend, at The Armory in Minnesota, the two got it on in the main event slot on the night. Prior to taking on the Cuban, Agbeko was far from unnerved. He smiled, flexed, and had an aura of invincibility. But, once the opening bell rang, it was immediately shattered.

It took the 25-year-old just two rounds to end the night of Agbeko, forcing him to rethink his future. At this point, nevertheless, Agbeko admits that he’s still emotional. He viewed his showdown against Morrell as his coming out party, the night where the rest of the boxing world would recognize that he’s the real deal.

Now, Agbeko’s dreams of becoming a 168-pound titleholder have taken a significant hit. No longer does he believe it’s prudent to face such larger men. So while he hasn’t made his official decision, he did acknowledge that the middleweight division could be a place where he thrives.  

“I’m pretty sure that’s the direction I want to go. I feel there I will be able to showcase my power and in the process, showcase more of my skills as well.”