By Ryan Burton

Earlier this week an article ran on in which lightweight contender Ryan Garcia revealed that he had released his manager and said, "right now I have no manager but everything is getting everything corrected so that when I get back in the ring I will get what I deserve."

The soon to be 21-year-old also said that he hopes to return to the ring in September and there has been talk of the unbeaten fighter returning on September 14th in Las Vegas.

After reading the article, Garcia's manager Roger Ruiz reached out to to give his side of the story.

The Southern California based boxing manager claims that he still is Garcia's manager and that Garcia will not be returning to the ring until their issues are resolved.

"I took him to arbitration so that certain people don't interfere with the work we need to do as a manager and a fighter to move forward. As of now they have been interfering so that is why I took him to arbitration - it wasn't him taking me to arbitration - I have to get him on track so we can get back to work with Golden Boy to negotiate some fights so I don't think he is going to be fighting any time soon until we get this resolved," Ruiz stated.

As far as Garcia returning to the ring in September, Ruiz doesn't see that happening.

"That is not going to happen. That is a fact. Technically I would have to approve any fights that he does and I still have a lot of time to go on my contract with him. We have already taken him to arbitration with Andy Foster (Director of the California State Athletic Commission) and he made it very clear that he is not breaking the contract. I don't know if you know the history or his background but unfortunately he gets very bad advice from the people close to him and this creates a problem. I am trying to be as nice as I can because I have done a lot of work for him and we have built him up good I think. He came up quick and is one of the top prospects in boxing and right now we just need to figure out a way to get his career back on track," Ruiz told

After having fought 6 times in 2017 and 4 times last year, Garcia has just fought once this year when he stopped Jose Lopez in March.  That was his second fight under the guidance of Eddy Reynoso who is best known for his work with WBA/IBF/WBC Franchise champion Canelo Alvarez.

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