Manny Robles has high hopes for Cuban prospect Osvel Caballero

Caballero stopped Jason Buenaobra (10-10-3, 4 KOs) in the fourth-round of the TV opener on the 360 Promotions card last night (February 23).

The fight marked Caballero’s US debut and he boxed a little bit above the featherweight limit between, 127 and 128lbs, improving to 5-0, with four knockouts with the victory.

Caballero’s performance was patient and mature. Though Caballero preferred to be methodical at first, when he sat down on shots they were meaningful. Once Buenaobra showed a bit of passiveness, Caballero pounced in the second round throwing a sequence of punches. Some were meaningful, some were not.

Needless to say, Caballero got excited trying to close the show and smothered himself but the ends justified the means as he overwhelmed his opponent, leading to the stoppage. 

“He has a great amateur background,” said Robles. “He won a gold medal at the Pan-Am Games. He won a bronze medal at the World Championships.”

Caballero is 28-years-old and seemingly wants to be fast-tracked given his amateur credentials. He debuted in a six-rounder, has fought in two eight-rounders and even contested in a 10-round bout. His first fight in the U.S. was a scheduled six-rounder. 

Robles explained the pedigree of Caballero further, discussing why he is being moved rapidly. 

“He fought some of the best at [that time] amateur fighters in the world. Now we are on the pro stage.”

After Friday night’s performance, Robles hoped that 360 Promotions’ head honcho Tom Loeffler liked what he saw. Robles is familiar with Loeffler, as he trains Serhii Bohachuk, who Loeffler promotes. 

Caballero turned pro in May 2022 and this marked his fifth fight in close to two years. The thing Caballero seems to be eyeing is stability, an ability to fight often with a promoter behind him. 

The defensive skills are there. It now becomes a matter of activity and ring time to see where he can go. Caballero showed the spirit of a man wanting to get signed by a major promoter, but the composure of a baby rattlesnake. 

You could tell he wanted his opportunity on the 360 show to be a meaningful moment in his life.

“Hopefully, Tom will like what he sees and maybe we can sign with 360 [Promotions],” added Robles.