By Steve Kim

The fallout continues from Manny Pacquiao revealing his right shoulder ailment only after his bout on Saturday night versus Floyd Mayweather at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. There are now lawsuits being filed and the Nevada Athletic Commission is threatening it's own discipline.

The question has to be asked: if Pacquiao was so handicapped, why not just postpone the fight given everything that was on the line and how much the public was charged?

Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, was in favor of pulling out of the May 2nd date.

"Well, I was very concerned about that but the thing is the injury was getting better and better and better as we went along," he said on Tuesday morning at the Wild Card Boxing Club.

"He could do a little bit more but it was still there. But I'm not a medical person but they told me if he could get that pain killer shot - like Mayweather gets in his hands - everything would be OK. But that didn't work out."

As you probably know by now, on the night of the fight, the commission refused their request for an injection to alleviate the pain in Pacquiao's right shoulder. Pacquiao will undergo surgery this week in Los Angeles.

Roach says that the injury occurred about a month out from the fight when he was sparring with Kenneth Sims."They were both throwing hooks and they caught arms and clashed. In sparring it happens all the time."

With the way the fight played out and now the heat they are receiving for the way they handled this matter, in hindsight would it have been prudent to postpone this event?

"Yeah," admitted Roach. "The thing is there's no way you're going to beat a guy like Mayweather with one hand. It's impossible, so the things we were told didn't come true, just way different than what we had heard. Otherwise, we definitely had to think about cancelling that fight or at least postoning it. I didn't want to see anyone go in there injured but I'll tell you, in the dressing room warming up before the fight, the hook was f***ing great but then it didn't last."

Observers noted that Roach was strangely quiet in the corner in the second half of the fight. Roach explained - "Well, he told me that it (the right shoulder) was shot and he couldn't use it anymore and I just said,'You want me to stop the fight?'

According to the trainer, his fighters response was - 'No, he's not that good, he can't hurt me, so just let the fight go on.'

"I didn't think there was any threat of him getting hurt, at least in his mind, and Mayweather's not a big puncher. He wasn't really hurting him, he more or less won the fight with a jab," said Roach, who said that conversation with Pacquiao came after the fourth round.

But you wonder, did they go on with the fight believing that if they didn't show up on May 2nd this fight would evaporate forever?

"It wasn't a factor with me because if the fight didn't happen, it didn't happen. We had an injury, the thing is, what's more important beating a guy or trying to beat a guy with one hand? So deep down I thought about it, I said - 'Manny, I think we should postpone this fight and be healthy' and he said - 'No, my arm is getting better. We'll be OK by fight night.'"

As for a rematch (and yeah, you can hear the groans now from the public), Roach stated - "I'd love to get one because I know healthy he can beat him but that's a long ways away."

Steve Kim is the news editor for