Culiacan, Mexico - The coach of Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach, said he would have preferred a third fight with Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez, instead of the upcoming clash against Shane Mosley on May 7 in Las Vegas.

Visiting Culiacan to work alongside Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. for his scheduled fight against Billy Lyell on January 29 in Culiacan, Roach said he didn't want Mosley as the next opponent for Pacquiao.

"No, my first choice was Marquez, I think he deserves the third fight, but now it's just business. (Promoter) Bob Arum had a better deal with Mosley, and he said that Marquez was asked for a lot of money," Roach said.


The famed coach agreed that Marquez has been the most competitive boxer Pacquiao fought in his last dozen of so fights, and also recognized him as the greatest challenge for the Filipino.


"I do not think Pacquiao has anything to prove. The first fight was a draw and after that Pacquiao won by a point. But let's be honest, Marquez is the biggest challenge for Manny, and he's the only one who knows how to fight with him," he said.


"I think [Marquez] is small for 147 pounds but he's very disciplined, and a great fighter. Everybody says he's getting old but he still keeps winning and winning," he added.


Finally, Roach made it clear that despite the fact that Shane Mosley was not the ideal opponent for Pacquiao, that in no way implies that he expects an easy fight on May 7


"I expect him [Mosley] to be at his best. He is an experienced fighter with a very dangerous right hand. He is not even close to being finished. He has power and speed. I'd like for Manny to knock him out because nobody has done before," said Roach.