Georgetown, Grand Cayman: - IBF / WBO / WBA king Nate Campbell took a few moments away from his honeymoon to respond to comments made by former 130lb champ Joan Guzman. The always outspoken Campbell had this to say regarding Guzman's "disrespectful comments":

"This clown reminds me of one of those yapping little rat dogs. Yip, yip, yip at your ankles. He asked why I was considering fighting Casamayor. Well the answer is simple. Because Casamayor is my mandatory, and he holds 2 belts; The WBO interim title, and the Ring title, which happens to be 2 more belts than Joanie herself holds. Unlike her, I actually try and do my mandatories, and not "forget" to get my visa to get out of the fight. And didn't she sign for a fight with Katsidis, only to break a nail or something and pull out? And she is questioning my willingness to fight? That's a laugh.

"My message to Joanie is this: Chill out. If Casa don't sign, and the WBO makes you my mandatory over Khan, then you will get the beating you so desperately seem to want. But right now you are behind Casa, so deal with it. And another thing, this aint 122 pounds, which I think is the last division that you actually were able to put someone on the floor. Since then all you do is stink out the joint. But if you end up being my mandatory, then you can get that ass whippin same as Casa would have. But this business of saying you're being ducked when you've only been in the division for a half an hour is nonsense. Who the hell are you to vacate 130 to get out of the Arthur fight, and think you can just barge into 135 and start telling people whats what?"

"You havent earned your place or your respect in this division yet. So chill out, or you may just end up sitting, just like your promoter Sycaun made me sit when I was Julio Diaz' mandatory, and they wouldn't fight me. Yeah, I'm, sure your boy Woodworth thinks I have amnesia about that shit too. But I got a long memory."