By Mark Vester

Sergio Medina has come clean and told media members during a mass gathering in his country of Argentina that he created the now infamous story of receiving death threats to take a first round dive in last Saturday's fight with WBO super bantamweight champ Juan Manuel Lopez. Medina had claimed that he took a dive during the pay-per-view televised fight, which millions saw on the De La Hoya-Pacquiao undercard, after receiving death threats from Team Lopez during their Friday weigh-in. He claimed that members of Lopez's team told him that he would "not leave the United States alive" unless he went down in one. He also claimed the WBO and the MGM Grand were in on the plot.

Sampson Lewkowicz, Medina's American agent, came on and said that he felt Medina might be suffering from some kind of mental sickness. He plans on coming to Argentina next week to ask the local commission to suspend the fighter's license and to evaluate him mentally.

Medina told media members that his career may have reached the end of the road, between the knockout loss and the fabricated story of receiving death threats to take a dive.

"I believe this affects my career because I was defeated there andnow I have created this story. It leaves me in a bad spot. I now have to think if I should continue of not continue. I am burned out. I was burned out the day by saying people wanted to do and that and it wasn't true," Medina was quoted as saying by Primera Hora. "He knocked me out good. I felt pressured. I have been a liar. I am trying to do things well. I was doing very bad and I was near the edge and it caused me to make this kind of judgement." 

Peter Rivera of Puerto Rico Best Boxing, Lopez's co-promoter, seemed to be taking the news well.

"It gives me laughter. I have known cowardly types in my life, but to invent something this is the last thing [I would expect]," Rivera said. 

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