Mark Reyes Jr is making a lot of noise in the Florida region as the former amateur standout has his sights set on titles in the not so distant future.

Reyes Jr went 40-6 as an amateur, winning several national titles prior to turning professional in his native Florida. Since his inception into the professional ranks, Reyes Jr has maintained an immaculate record, winning all 12 of his professional bouts, with 10 of these victories coming inside the scheduled distance.

Reyes Jr opened up about his amateur career and his professional journey so far. He said, "I've been boxing since I was 6 years old. I was a hyperactive kid so my father took me to the gym and I've never really stopped going. I knew as early as aged 13 that boxing is what I would be doing for the rest of my life and my mindset hasn't changed at all. I love this sport and I still have the love you have as a kid for boxing.

"I had a good amateur career, I went 40-6 as an amateur and won several national titles. I have continued my good form in the professional ranks and I have to thank my team and especially my father who has been working hard to get me the best opportunities that I can get at this stage in my career. I am determined to pay my father back by becoming a champion."

The 12-0 pro now has his sight set on titles, and the Tampa based welterweight analyzed his future post the COVID-19 pandemic. Reyes Jr said, "Firstly my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by the COVID-19 virus. Our health is the most important thing right now so I am focused on taking care of my family at this present time.

"When this is all over I want to be straight into title fights. I have kept up my training and I still feel I'm learning as I do my best to study the game as much as I can. I feel I'm progressing at a good pace as a professional and thank God firstly and foremost and then my team for allowing that to happen, however, I now feel I'm ready for a step up and I want to get on the path to world titles."