Will Madera dominated Jamshidbek Najmitdinov for five rounds in an eight-round super lightweight contest, compelling the referee to wave off the fight before the start of the sixth round on the undercard of the Cletus Seldin-William Silva TrillVerz main event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The Albany, New York-based Madera showed his superior class over the technically defiicent Jamshidbek, cracking the Uzbek clod all night with a variety of counterpunches. By the end of the fight, Madera was walking down Jamshidbek and connecting at will.

The win gives Madera (17-1-3, 10 KOs) his second consecutive win after his first-round knockout loss to Felix Verdejo last year.

The southpaw Najmitdinov set the tone in the opening round, as he came out swinging with looping shots, but Madera was able to counter Najmitdinov’s aggression effectively.

Madera got in a stiff left hook as Najmitdinov barreled in midway through the round. Madera would land that same punch again at the end of the round, stunning Najmitdinov in the corner with a left hand to the head and body.

Madera continued to land his left hand in the second round. He connected on Najmitdinov with two consecutive left hooks, momentarily stifling the Uzbek’s momentum.

In the third round, Madera began walking down Najmitdinov. Barely a minute in, Madera unleashed a six-punch combination, forcing Najmitdinov to hold. But Najmitdinov fired back with counter left hands to the body.

With a minute left, Madera landed some of his most effective punches in the fight, landing combinations to the head and body.’

The fourth round saw a confident Madera press the action. Blood began streaming from the nose of Najmitdinov. With 45 seconds left in the round, Najmitdinov, in a surprising move, motioned to the referee for a timeout, which the referee granted. Najmitdinov went back to his corner and had the blood wiped off from his face.

When the fight resumed, Najmitdinov incurred even more punishment from Madera, as blood began to pour out of his nose once again.

In the fifth round, Madera continued to walk down Najmitdinov, whose only response was to make inane gestures. Madera landed two consecutive corkscrew left hooks, drawing oohs from the crowd. Najmitdinov, to his credit, took the shots well.

Going into the sixth round, the referee, in consultation with the ring doctor, called off the fight. Apparently, Najmitdinov (17-2, 14 KOs) had an issue with his left arm.