Undefeated Irish junior middleweight Callum Walsh returns to the ring June 7 at the Chumash Casino Resort in California, as promoter Tom Loeffler aims to continue building up a bi-coastal fanbase for the man from Cork, Ireland.

Walsh (10-0, 8 KOs) will take on Carlos Ortiz (14-5, 14 KOs) in the Golden State two and a half months after starring at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York, where he stopped Darren Yeleussinov in the ninth round on St. Patrick's Day weekend. 

The Yeleussinov win marked his third consecutive outing on that weekend, after a second-round stoppage of Wesley Tucker in Boston last year and a first-round knockout of Gael Ibarra in 2022.

Loeffler says that both the date and the city that never sleeps are likely to become permanent fixtures for the youngster.

“I really think that’s going to be an event for years to come, with Callum Walsh fighting at Madison Square Garden,” Loeffler told BoxingScene recently. 

“The show turned out great. It hit Top 20 all-time events at the Theater at Madison Square Garden for ticket sales, and it was the highest-rated boxing show ever on UFC Fight Pass. So, it really feels like that’s going to be an annual event for Callum Walsh. And we’re just going to plan the rest of his fights around that schedule.”

The next such fight will be the tangle with Ortiz in California, where Walsh is based and trains with Freddie Roach, and where Loeffler’s 360 Promotions is headquartered.

After that, Loeffler says, UFC’s Dana White, who has invested heavily in Walsh and featured him extensively on UFC Fight Pass, has indicated enthusiasm for taking him back home to Ireland.

“So we're just trying to figure out the availability of the arenas over there,” Loeffler added.  “When the UFC gets behind him – and the social media platforms that they have on a worldwide basis are tremendous, they have over 37 million followers on Instagram – so when they post about Callum I feel like it’s the first serious effort that a boxing promoter has made to capture the UFC fan base. We’re trying to merge the two and when we bring him to a UFC event, we see the fan reaction that he elicits. That's why his nickname on one of his Instagram accounts is ‘That Boxing Fella.’ You hear it all the time at UFC shows – ‘There’s that boxing fella’ – because the UFC fans still wonder why is the UFC supporting a boxer as much as they do, or why is Dana getting behind a boxer, and he really has taken to Callum Walsh.

“He sees shades of Conor McGregor, of that hilarity and charisma, in Callum and we're just taking advantage of that platform and of him being promoted on both sides.”