Liverpool’s Liam Smith shocked the world taking a TKO victory one minute and nine seconds into the 4th round of a career-defining fight against Chris Eubank Jr in front of a sold-out Manchester Arena.

Former world champion Smith came up a weight class to challenge Eubank Jr, and may have taken the greatest victory of his professional career to date. 

Eubank looked comfortable in the first three rounds, fluidly boxing and landing multiple shots. However, Smith remained calm and composed in the fourth, coming forward and clipping Eubank with a clubbing right hook that seriously hurt him and forced Eubank to retreat to the corner of the ring.

The Liverpudlian legend then launched a rapid flurry of punches, opening Eubank up to an uppercut that sent him tumbling to the canvas. 

Eubank bravely rose back to his feet despite being seriously compromised and was able to beat the referee’s count of 10, but a few more perfectly selected punches from Smith forced the fight to be stopped.

Both men respectfully came together in the ring after the fight, recognizing each other’s talent and determination after a hard-fought contest between rivals that clashed in the build-up to the fight.

In the weeks leading up to the fight, Smith told observers to prepare themselves for the possibility of a shocking ending.

"I don't know if it was one shot or an accumulation, but I told you all week. A lot got made of Chris' great chin, I've got a great chin, but there's many fighters with better chins who have been knocked out in the past. I told you all week, don't be surprised, nobody can not be hurt," Smith said.