By Mark Vester

Over the last few days, word has leaked out that Wladimir Klitschko's defense of the WBO/IBF heavyweight titles against David Haye was once again in trouble. Over the last few months, talks to make the fight have been falling apart - over and over again. The bickering got so bad that Haye's manager, Adam Booth, let Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer take the lead in an effort to work out a deal with Klitschko's side. At the start of last week, Schaefer thought the two sides were close to a deal. Days later the two sides were back to where they started - in a position where there was no deal in sight.

The one guy who was mentioned by Klitschko as a possible replacement, if Haye is totally out of the picture, is undefeated contender Chris Arreola. In the event of being selected for the fight, Arreola and his team began their training camp [for their April fight] a few weeks early.

Arreola has a fight scheduled with Jameel McCline in the HBO opener to Winky Wright-Paul Williams on April 11. Last weekend, speculation of Klitschko vs. Arreola being in talks began to surface. The speculation is now at a very high level after a Tuesday media event to officially announce Arreola-McCline was unexpectedly "postponed until further notice" by Goossen-Tutor [Arreola's promoters].

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