BANGKOK, Thailand — In an exciting, close, blow-by-blow 10-rounder, former WBO flyweight world champion Sho Kimura of Japan and Chinese WBA Asia 112 titlist Wulan Tuolehazi fought to a draw, leaving the WBA International Flyweight title vacant,

The non-stop action battle unfolded as the main event of the thrilling January 25 televised show at the plush Spaceplus in Bangkok, Thailand.

The veteran Kimura - assisted by coach former fighter Shoji Kimura - display skills and slick moves, continuously landing on the strong-as-a-bull Middle Kingdom warrior.

Wulan, meanwhile, landed less punches in the bout, although his blows visibly packed more power, both men refusing to give an inch in the rumble seen here in Asia on a variety of platforms, including China's popular Kuaishou App, as well as Weibo.

The third man was veteran WBA referee Pinit Prayadsab of Thailand, supervisor was Won Kim of the ROK.

The thrilling show was a production of China's top promoter Liu Gang of Maxpower, in association with Asian Award-winning Filipino Promoter Brico Santig of Highland Boxing and Tony Chen of SpacePlus.

The author Carlos Costa of Panama was in ringside in Bangkok.   Carlos can be reached at and whatsapp +639184538152.