With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a serious turn in Russia – the country being ranked #2 worldwide in total cases – everything seems to be premature at best, yet some promoters are cautiously beginning to pre-plan boxing activities in the coming months.

One, who has been vocal about his future proceedings is Zyaki Yunisov of the YUKA Promotions, who is planning out the return of the Baysangurov brothers.

“Boxing is roaring back! We are planning an event, featuring the Baysangurovs - already for this July. I can’t yet reveal the details – I don’t even know if spectators will be allowed or not – that depends on the coronavirus restrictions," proclaimed Yunisov.

Khasan and Khussein Baysangurov are presently in the hometown of Grozny, Chechen Republic, preparing for the future bouts in a grim mood, following the tragic passing of their father and trainer Uvais Baysangurov. Both brothers are at least ready to fade their tragic feelings in the ring.

25-year old Khussein (16-1, 14 KOs), two fights removed from his only career loss to Amir Amirkhanyan, can see action against hard-nosed Ukrainian veteran Olexander Ivanov (17-5, 8 KOs).

Khasan, 22, is expected to see action versus dangerous Russian and CIS champion ArturOsipov (16-2, 11 KOs). Khasan is now 18-1, 8 KOs. He was stopped in February 2019 by then-WBA middleweight champion Rob Brant in the latter’s optional defense.