Kenny Porter always knew how great Terence "Bud" Crawford was. As an amateur, the longtime trainer worked with the pound-for-pound star when he was a youthful, raw, and somewhat hard-headed young man. The skills Crawford displayed as an amateur opened Porter’s eyes. As a pro, Crawford’s greatness has gone to another level.

In 2021, Porter, despite the reverence he had for Crawford, believed that he had a fighter who was more than capable of being his kryptonite, his son, Shawn Porter. As the two swapped fists in the center of the ring, Kenny despondently watched as Crawford took over in the latter rounds, eventually stopping the former two-time welterweight champion in the 10th.

Still, even with Crawford proving that he was amongst the elite, Porter had a hard time envisioning the 35-year-old picking up the win against Errol Spence Jr. Yet, with each passing lopsided round on July 29th, Porter’s jaw was agape.

Essentially, Crawford turned a 50/50 showdown into a one-sided beatdown. Now, having watched him become a three-division champion and an undisputed titlist in two separate weight classes, Porter has a difficult time picking anyone over him.

In terms of fighters, Porter doesn't believe that Crawford has an equal. But even if we traveled to a fictional land and brought in some of the most violent monsters around, Porter isn’t going against Crawford.

“If you got King Kong or Godzilla, my thoughts now are Bud," Porter told Fight Hub TV. "If you found BigFoot and you bought him out, I got Bud.”

Fictitious movies aside, Crawford has his eyes set on cementing his legacy against some of the sport’s biggest names.

Under normal circumstances, the usual progression for a fighter that’s done everything in a particular weight class is to simply move up. Crawford though, isn’t exactly interested in the fighters that currently inhabit both the junior middleweight and middleweight divisions.

So, with Crawford in no mood to work his way up the ranks, he’s got his heart set on facing Canelo Alvarez. For the smooth switch-hitter, he’ll need to hit the weight room and add 21 pounds of muscle before he makes the jump to the super middleweight division.

Still, whether it’s a showdown against Alvarez, Jermell Charlo, or any other big-time opponent, Porter has a feeling that Crawford will ultimately ride off into the sunset with a perfect record.

“I see him retiring undefeated. I don’t see nobody beating Bud.”