Just about everyone was flummoxed when it came to the status of Teofimo Lopez. Although he had all of the belts at 135 pounds at one point, that green title he walked around with seemed a bit fraudulent.

First, let’s go back. When Lopez laid out Richard Commey back in 2019, he pilfered his IBF lightweight title. At the time, Lomachenko was in possession of the remaining three belts but Devin Haney wanted his mandated crack at the throne. Instead of enforcing their rules, the WBC introduced the “Franchise” title, a meaningless belt that led to unimaginable confusion. Haney was then elevated from interim champ to full titlist.

Once Lopez and Lomachenko got it on in 2020, it was built up as an undisputed clash. Haney though, still had the WBC title wrapped around his waist while Lomachenko trudged around with the “Franchise” crown.

Lopez would eventually beat Lomachenko and go on to claim that he was an undisputed champion. Once he lost that distinction to George Kambosos Jr., the Australian also shouted from the mountaintops that he was an undisputed titlist.

The entire ordeal was about as confusing as it gets. Well, to everyone but Kambosos. The 30-year-old was forced to hand over his titles to Haney one year after winning them but he still takes issue with anyone who goes back to nitpick his accomplishments.

Currently, Kambosos is shining up his battle gear as he gets himself in the best shape possible to take on, ironically enough, Lomachenko, on May 12th.

All of his attention is being placed on the former champ. But before he continues to put in the work in an arduous training camp, he took the time to address the bemusing status that he used to hold.

“As much as they wanna say I wasn’t undisputed but we paid those sanctioning fees to the WBC,” said Kambosos during a recent press conference. “I was undisputed champion of the world.”