Deontay Wilder towers over most in the heavyweight division. His slender frame may indicate that he’s harmless but the blood that drips down his gloves proves otherwise.

Outside of Tyson Fury, not a single man who’s stepped into the ring with him has lived to see another day. Wilder isn’t a cautious fighter, nor is he interested in enlisting the help of the three judges sitting ringside.

Known as one of the biggest punchers the sport has ever seen, few are happy when they receive the call. Joseph Parker, however, while smiling sadistically, happily picked up the phone when representatives from team Wilder gave him a ring.

It didn’t take long for the two sides to come to an agreement. On December 23rd, halfway across the world in Saudi Arabia, Wilder and Parker will meet up in the co-main event on the night.

When sifting through his resume, you'll notice a long list of notable names plastered on it. From Anthony Joshua to Dillian Whyte, Parker has fought all of the top contenders and former champions. So while he knows there’s an inherent danger that comes from facing someone who hits as hard as Wilder, Parker continues to sport that devilish grin.

“It’s a fight that really excites me,” said Parker. “Throughout my career, I’ve never went away from big fights.”

Once upon a time, Wilder was considered the number-one fighter in the heavyweight division. Through a thick country accent, he warned all who would listen of his punching power. When it was time to shut up and prove his worth, he did that.

But, following a winless three-fight series with Tyson Fury, Wilder is hoping to get back on track. Although he did jump back in the win column last year, his violent win over Robert Helenius lasted only two minutes.

Parker knows good and well what he’s up against and to a large extent, reveres Wilder and everything he brings to the table. With that said, considering that he has his own championship goals, Parker is throwing that aforementioned respect out the window.

“I respect Wilder but he’s in my way. I know what I can do and I’m here to win.”