By Per Ake Persson

Aabenraa, Denmark - Mexican welterweight Jose Luis Rodriguez Guerrero (10-2-2) upset Mikkel Nielsen (8-1) and won the vacant GBU I/C title with a hard-fought unanimous ten round decision. I

t was scored 95-94 on all cards and that was a bit generous to the Dane. Guerrero had a point deducted in the seventh for repeated low blows.

It was a tough fight, at times a war with Nielsen outboxed and hurt by bodyshots but always fighting back with blood from a cut over his left eye smeared out on his face. Guerrero was cut around both eyes but appeared more composed using his superior reach better.

Middleweight Abdul Khattab (18-2-1) outscored former EBU welterweight champ Rafal Jackiewicz, (50-24-2) over eight. It was scored 80-72 on all cards. Khattab worked patiently behind his jab and occasionally switched to southpaw.

Jackiewicz showed good defensive skills but looked content to last the distance and he is far from what he once was but is still a capable journeyman. As for Khattab he appears to have overcome the stamina problems he´s had in the past and put up a solid performance.

Alicia Holzken (5-0) won the vacant WIBF and GBU female flyweight titles on scores of 99-91 twice and 98-92 over Xenia Jorneac (10-4) after a fastpaced fight with few effective punches scored. Jorneac, a southpaw, made Holzken miss and in a few rounds made her pay as well but the Dutch lady kept coming. Holzken appeared to touch down after a left had landed in the fought but it was ruled a no knockdown. Still, an upset seemed to be in the making but the judges saw it differently.

Super lightweight Oliver Mollenberg (4-0) won over Georgian Giorgi Gviniashvili (6-15-1). The fight was over 55 seconds into the fourth as Gviniashvili dislocated his left shoulder and turned away in pain. The fight was stopped and the cornerman knew what to do before the doctor got there and pulled the shoulder right. Mollenberg dominated the fight for as long as it lasted but could never hurt Gviniashvili.

Featherweight Ali Mohammed (6-0) stopped overblown flyweight Joszef Ajtai (22-15) 2.08 into the first. Ajtai was never really hit but touched down the moment his opponent, a southpaw, got close and threw some left hooks. The first time Ajtai went down it was ruled a slip but the second time the referee counted and the third time it was stopped.

Oliver Zaren stopped Arid Dema in a battle of the green cruiserweight debutants. Zaren, with Mikkel Kessler as chief cornerman, was the better schooled of the two while Dema swung badly and missed with just about everything. He then suffered a heavy nosebleed and his cornerman threw in the towel and it was stopped at 2.58 of the first. It was scheduled for four.

After this fight It was announced that Q Boxing Promotion and Team Kessler, Mikkel Kessler and Thomas Macon, will collaborate with the former WBA and WBC champion acting as mentor and in some cases trainer for the some of the Q fighters. As for Macon he was with Kessler for a very long time as physio therapist and trainer.

In the second fight of the evening 18-year old middleweight Jacob Porsgaard (2-0) outscored Shalva Guchmazovi (1-5-1) over four. It was scored 40-36 on all cards. Porsgaard started well but faded a bit down the stretch against an opponent who was better than his record would indicate.

Junior lightweight Medhi Jallaw (2-1) opened the show against a late sub in Malkhaz Tatrishvili (4-13) and it was a one-way affair all the way. Jallaw knocked out his opponent with a left hook to the body 2.05 into the first of a scheduled four-rounder. Jallaw lost his prodebut in a big upset but is regarded as a good prospect.

Q Boxing Promotion headed by Svend Rasmussen and Thomas Mollenberg got their first big (they´ve already warmed up with a pro-am shows) event off the ground and it was held in a big circus tent on the outskirts of town on the opening night of a big local festivity with all tickets bought by a local sponsor so the crowd had free entrance.