John Gotti III is still eager to get a second crack at former five division world champion Floyd Mayweather.

A few weeks ago, Mayweather and Gotti collided in an exhibition in the state of Florida.

Mayweather had a tremendous edge in skill and experience. Gotti, who first turned pro in MMA, was 2-0 as a pro boxer.

Gotti - the grandson of organized crime icon John Gotti - was unable to use his size advantage against the 46-year-old Mayweather, who during some rounds was landing at will and easily controlling the fight.

Before the sixth round, referee Kenny Bayless issued warnings to both boxers to stop their constant trash talking or he would be forced to stop the fight.

The trash talking between both boxers would continue, and Bayless made good on his warning by waving off the fight.

Once the fight was waved off, Gotti charged at Mayweather and attacked the Hall of Famer. Their post-fight scuffle would quickly prompt their entourages to enter the ring - with a near-riot taking place as multiple brawls broke erupted inside and outside the ring.

“Early in the fight, Floyd was taunting my whole crowd and section heavy, saying what he had to say, and I said to Floyd in the fight, ‘It’s like that?’ and he made it very clear it’s like that,” Gotti said to The MMA Hour.

“The minute I started doing it back to Floyd, it became a problem. The minute I started taunting him back, cursing him back and engaging, all of a sudden it became a problem. But early on, Kenny Bayless didn’t say two words to Floyd. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair. It is what it is, I’m not playing victim, we had fun, but there should have been fair regarding that.

“I acted on emotion which, looking back on it, was stupid because people could have gotten hurt that had nothing to do with it. But I just went off my emotion, and I went after him. I feel like they robbed me of my best rounds, to be honest. I was getting my second wind, I started to settle in a little bit, feeling good, and they called the fight. It didn’t make sense to me whatsoever. I was disappointed.”

For his post-fight actions, Gotti was suspended for six months by the local Florida Athletic Commission.

He believes Mayweather was physically spent as he entered the sixth, which is why Gotti feels Bayless was playing favorites.

“100 percent [Bayless called it because I was having success],” Gotti said. “I was touching him a little bit. I was getting closer to him. In the sixth round, we clinched, and I kissed Floyd on the cheek and told him, ‘That’s it. You have nothing left. You shot your wad early in the fight.’ I was comfortable. I felt his power diminish, his speed was gone, I started letting my hands go and I was catching him, and conveniently they call the fight off. I’ve never seen that in all the years I’ve been watching boxing. ...

“That’s Floyd’s guy. They’re not going to make Floyd look bad at any cost, even if it’s a little bit. Of course he was protecting Floyd.”