Peter Fury, father and trainer of heavyweight contender Hughie Fury, explains that none of the highly ranked contenders are interested in facing his son.

The 26-year-old Hughie has remained patient while his next fight is being sorted out. He's been out of the ring since defeating Polish veteran Mariusz Wach in December.

According to his trainer, a ring return is being planned for September - but several high profile names have rejected a possible fight with him.

"Everybody realizes he's a lot better than what people say he is, so that's my opinion," Peter Fury told Sky Sports.

"Let me tell you, we've offered some high-profile people fights with Hughie - and they've looked up and said they'll fight anyone. But when Hughie is mentioned, they don't want to fight him, so that's where it's at.

"I don't want to mention any names, but that's where it is. We'll find him an opponent. He'll be fighting in September anyway. Absolutely [he's lost respect]. Boxing is becoming a bit of a soap opera. That real fighting culture, there's only so many around today. A lot of them, they are more into social media and being a celebrity than a boxer."

Last year, there was some talk of Hughie facing names like David Allen and David Price, but that won't be the direction he's taking in the fall. 

"Really a fellow like Hughie, he's not a world champion, he shouldn't be struggling for fights like he is," said Peter Fury.

"He's been working on his game. He's got older, he's filled out, and he's got time on his side, so it's not been a problem for him really. There was Dave Allen, then David Price was thrown into the mix. That never happened, for whatever reasons and we just moved on from there. We're going to start looking at opponents any day now. Nothing set in stone. We're just looking around and seeing what's a good match for him at the moment. You'll see a different fighter altogether."