As previously reported on, Andre Ward has no intention of crossing the Atlantic for a rematch with Carl Froch, despite the British fighter holding the WBA mandate. Both men hold different versions of the WBA super middleweight title, Froch being the regular champion while Ward holds the super World belt.

Earlier in the week, Froch called on Ward to travel outside of the United States for the first time and face him at the City Ground, home of Nottingham Forest FC.

It came on the back of the WBA ordering a showdown between its two champions, but Ward took to Twitter to turn down Froch’s request, as he said: “Looks like Frochy Froch remembered my name all of a sudden. That's good to know. Looks like the old man is still kicking.

“Froch could have gotten this fight years ago, but it took the WBA mandating the fight for him to step up. This guy. If this fight does happen, Froch is not dictating anything. He must have fell and bumped his head.”

Ward has only fought twice since inflicting a first career defeat on the Nottingham fighter in Atlantic City, when he secured a unanimous points decision for the 25th of his 27 career victories. His last outing came against Edwin Rodriguez in November 2013.

The two men have until the start of April to agree a deal before purse bids are ordered.

Froch had said earlier this week: “I fought him in the US. Now it’s only right that he comes over here. To be a truly great champion you have to box overseas. Ward needs to be forced to travel out of his comfort zone. I dare him. He will discover that I’m a very different animal here than I was that night on the Boardwalk.”

Promoter Eddie Hearn of Matchroom agrees with his star, the fight should be held in the UK.

Hearn told Sky Sports: "I think Carl feels that at this point, with Ward being out for nearly two years and with the ability to bring the fight to the UK, it's a great chance to beat him – maybe the best chance he'll ever have. "What does Ward bring at the moment? Unfortunately Carl dictates everything in this fight.

"Andre Ward is a brilliant fighter, pound-for-pound arguably the best in the world but because of his promotional disputes and inactivity, he really doesn't carry the draw in the US. At all. People said to me Carl is looking for his Vegas fight so why not fight Ward in Vegas? Two reasons – one it is not that big a fight in America. Two – if Carl Froch is going to beat Andre Ward, we want to have as many advantages as possible.

"Carl is very, very difficult to beat in the UK, particularly Nottingham. The atmosphere would be electric and it would be a very, very tough night for Andre Ward. So if we do get this fight in the UK, it is the place it has to be."