Former world champion George Groves is certainly not a fan of the current fad where Youtube celebrities are turning pro and give high profile treatment on boxing events.

Last year, Youtubers KSI and Logan Paul held their rematch on DAZN. That was followed by last week's Youtuber fight in Miami between Logan's younger brother Jake Paul and AnEsonGib, also on DAZN.

And now DAZN is in talks to stage two more contests, with Jake Paul facing KSI and Logan Paul facing Antonio Brown.

Groves believes these types of fights are disgraceful to the sport of boxing and feels they could potentially create confusion where new or uninformed observers are viewing the Youtubers in the same light as seasoned pros.

"It's horrific, it's abysmal," Groves said on Mirror Fighting's After The Bell . "It makes my skin crawl.

"I could get on board with the entertainment value but why is it called professional boxing? It's so demeaning; how do you distinguish between Logan Paul and Demetrius Andrade, they're both professional boxers.

"KSI against Logan Paul was billed as a laugh and a one-off but everyone knew it wouldn't be and where does it now end? That fight at the weekend was a complete joke. What are we watching? There are not enough talented YouTubers to full a league or whatever they want to set up.

"I remember watching Ricky Gervais have a white-collar fight and that's where it is, that's entertainment. Even if you want to put them on a pro show, great, but don't call them professional boxers. It's scary because people soon won't be able to tell the difference. I don't find any of it genuine. I've never been a fan of wrestling and this is on par with that, none of it is real."