Former world champion George Groves is shaking his head at the recent internet claims - which allege Tyson Fury's gloves were tampered for last month's rematch with Deontay Wilder.

In their highly anticipated rematch, which took place on February 22 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Fury dropped Wilder two times and eventually stopped him in the seventh round to capture the WBC heavyweight title.

Wilder has since exercised his option for an immediate rematch, which is being targeted for the date of July 18th, also at the MGM.

The claim is that Fury slid his hand down the glove to enable him to throw punches with a less-padded fist.

Various members of Fury's team have rejected the allegations. And Groves does not believe them as well.

"You can't dispute that the glove isn't on properly," Groves told After The Bell.

"They've broken it down frame by frame and the glove isn't on properly. The guy says it's being done on purpose and that he's hitting Wilder with a bare fist but the footage is from the first fight so you can't say that was the difference in the second fight.

"Fury has that kind of style where he flicks his shots so it is bizarre. For me it wouldn't be of benefit because you're much more likely to do damage to your hands and wrists. If you don't punch properly to start with... he doesn't actually sit on his shots - he doesn't throw his right hand like Deontay Wilder - sometimes they are palm-facing and have that slap effect.

"Nine times out of 10 they do that because they have sore hands, Joe Calzaghe being the most famous. Most gloves I've seen, you can't do what they're saying has been done. They're custom made and there's no room to make a fist in the wrist area. If they're poor gloves or not made particularly well, maybe they're loose; they might have started off OK but his hand has slipped down."