by Ryan Burton

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas - Shortly after Amir Khan's shocking fourth round TKO loss to his underdog challenger Danny Garcia, trainer Freddie Roach expressed his desire for a rematch.  Khan started off well, winning the first two rounds easily before getting caught with a left hook in the third round. It was a shot that he would never recovered from. The fight was waived off by referee Kenny Bayless after Khan was knocked down for a third time in the fourth round.  He rose to his feet but Bayless felt he couldn't continue.

"I hope that Garcia will give him another fight and this time in the UK," Roach stated.

A rematch seems unlikely as Garcia's father and trainer Angel told that the victory was decisive and that a rematch wasn't needed.

"If this was a decision win where maybe some people don't agree with it then okay we can do a rematch but this was a knockout. There is no need for a rematch. Danny can move on to bigger and better things," Garcia told

"Why give him a rematch? For what? He disrespected Danny as an opponent. He treated him like a pushover. We're not giving him a rematch. It's like an old pair of shoes."

"Why are we going to fight somebody we just beat? We have better things in life. That's the past. We're going to look at the future. He's done. He's over. He's the ex-champion. Three times ex-champion."

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