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    Well I never got an original picture in, but on Monday I'll get a pic of me at the beach hopefully.


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      i actually gained muscle. ****in genetics


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        no differance.

        i took a picture and compared............nothing.

        I'm still at 195 I gained muscle thats for sure. I'm cutting the wieght lifting and sticking to boxing and running.

        I lost this round, but the fights not over


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          Alright. Not much difference.

          EDIT: Okay, some difference. Now that I'm looking at these again, I notice a considerable change in the placement of my shoulders (posture), overall shape, and overall upper-body mass. I look taller, and leaner, though my chest is actually almost 2" bigger and my waist is 2" smaller. I've been working to stretch my pecs and rotate my shoulders back and get out of my "caveman" bodybuilder posture, into the upright, shoulders-back, take-on-the-world posture that boxers seem to develop. I would imagine that the visual discrepancy in the pics (looking smaller in the chest when I'm in fact bigger through the chest) stems from my pecs being smaller (more limber, hence, flatter) and my back being narrower through the lats, but thicker (front to back.)

          I'm down about 5 lbs (weighed in at 176 this morning.) My Tanita scale says I'm at 15% BF -- I was at 20.5% according to it six weeks ago.

          When the judging is over, I will be pulling these pics. I hate having partially-nude pics of me on the Internet. . . what would my mother say?
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            That's pretty good progress.

            I guess it's just me and you who actually did it though.

            Here are my pics.
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              I think that I did pretty good.

              I wish I knew how to put them together in a side by side though.


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                ^ i dnt c no difference


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                  Originally posted by lost angel
                  ^ i dnt c no difference

                  I went from 194 pounds to 182 pounds.


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                    good work man u tightened up a lil and even your skin looks healthier. long way to go but sorry fraidycat i cant tell much difference in yours..


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                      Originally posted by El Sniper
                      Yeah beer is my shiznit. It's also my weakness. I look good when I don't drink but when I drink beer I can easily gain weight. I went on a vacation where I drank beer the whole time I was in NY and I gained 20lbs in 2 weeks. True story.

                      stay away from those dark oatmeal stouts...those are what ****s you