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  • I'm still loooking for the best one to use. Might as well go with these recommendations


    • Beginner here choosing his first bag gloves

      After doing a decent amount of research, considering price point, specific use, and my location (Australia), I'm looking to buy bag gloves and am tossing up between:

      1. Rival RFX Guerrero Intelli shock 10oz:

      2. Rival RB10 intellishock 12oz:

      (Each are visible on the Rival website, I can't post URLs)

      Going by the sizing guide for rival, these are the appropriate sizes for each respective glove for me. I like the RFX more, but is 10oz too small / weak for a bag glove? Would I end up injuring myself?

      Am also going for the 200 inch wraps and will try with and without a gel pad. I have already begun wrist strengthening exercises I learned from YouTube.

      The other reason I prefer the RF 10oz is it will give less room for me to 'cheat' and use bad technique.

      I'm also open to other brands if anyone has a suggestion, by no means am I stuck on Rival.
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