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  • I'm still loooking for the best one to use. Might as well go with these recommendations


    • Beginner here choosing his first bag gloves

      After doing a decent amount of research, considering price point, specific use, and my location (Australia), I'm looking to buy bag gloves and am tossing up between:

      1. Rival RFX Guerrero Intelli shock 10oz:

      2. Rival RB10 intellishock 12oz:

      (Each are visible on the Rival website, I can't post URLs)

      Going by the sizing guide for rival, these are the appropriate sizes for each respective glove for me. I like the RFX more, but is 10oz too small / weak for a bag glove? Would I end up injuring myself?

      Am also going for the 200 inch wraps and will try with and without a gel pad. I have already begun wrist strengthening exercises I learned from YouTube.

      The other reason I prefer the RF 10oz is it will give less room for me to 'cheat' and use bad technique.

      I'm also open to other brands if anyone has a suggestion, by no means am I stuck on Rival.
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      • EDIT: for more confusing info found on the interwebs.

        What's up er'body? I'm glad I found this site. I can't believe I hadn't seen it before now!

        I have a couple of questions though. That's actually how I came across the site. Has anyone used the Bad Company Retro Punching bag? I want to replace my old bag and am also looking to fill it with Rubber Granules this time. The bag is 180x35cm and the company suggests that it carries max. 70kg (roughly 154lbs). I never weighed the old bag, but it felt pretty light to me under heavy blows during the time that I had using it. It was filled with a mix of old fabric remnants and a sand-filled sack at the base. To make it even more confusing the manufacturer of the granules gives a completely DIFFERENT measure for a bag in the size I'll be using. 180 cm diameter 35 cm, approx. 125 kg of granules. (which is 55kg heavier than what the bag company suggests max filling weight to be.) Since I've never used a rubber granule-filled bag, I'm looking for:

        1) Experiences with rubber filling?
        2) Whether or not 70kg of rubber material sounds about right weight-wise?
        3) Specifically, has anyone had experience with the Bad Company heavy bag?

        Thanks in advance!
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