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  • I got myself some Blue corner sport boxing gloves they are my third boxing gloves. I have had some really crappy bag gloves at first and padding started breaking after two months of training and over all they didn't really offer much wrist support and the padding didn't feel that good.
    After the crappy bag gloves started breaking i got myself some Venum Challenger 2.0 gloves and i was pretty satisfied with them. They offered some pretty good wrist support and the padding felt a lot better, they did however get pretty sweaty because they're synthetic leather but otherwise i'm pretty satisfied with them. After half a year of heavybag, hitting the mitts and sparring the padding started to thinner so i thought i would leave them for bag work before i hurt my sparring partners. So i ordered the Bluecornersport gloves for sparring, they are made of real leather and offer really good wrist support. The bluecorner glove is a lot tighter and stiffer than the venum glove. The padding feels a bit denser too. At first the glove was really stiff but it broke in after one sparring session and now it feels really good and i might prefer it a bit over the venum gloves. They also a bit bigger than the venum glove. The leather seems like it's pretty good quality and the stitching is mostly pretty good but there are a couple of loose stiches but not many.


    • Punch Paddles

      Does anyone know about punch paddles?

      What are the good brands and do they break easy?

      Visit and leave a comment.


      • Anybody have any experience with Cleto Reyes training gloves? Thinking about getting some for training, maybe 14oz.


        • For my upcoming amateur fight, I bought a Title competition headgear with cheeks. Is that a good piece of headgear? It is USA boxing approved.


          • Has anyone try the green hill tiger?coz I generally use the gloves for sparring, bag and mitt work...just afraid if I buy a pair like Reyes...I will just wear it out real quick and waste my money


            • I purchased Ringside Heritage boxing gloves because they look cool. Anyone ever use those?


              • Looked in this thread but didn't see any recent information.

                Looking for Punch Mitts.

                During my normal work hours I have the opportunity to go right down the road to a traditional exercise gym and get in some mitt work with another person. Obviously, I need some mitts for this. I'm not looking to cheap out, nor buy a high level. Just right, as Goldielocks would want.

                I don't think I want the real small kind. I'm not incompetent but I'm also not a marksman. I'll use these during my lunch workouts but I'll also grab them during fitness classes, etc. I seem some that are sortof curved and I think those are to give the wrist some coverage. Is that right?

                Many suggestions come up from google land but I was looking at the Title Incredi-Ball Punch Mitts. Thoughts? I'll take any suggestions which you may have, and I thank you.


                • need advice please

                  I'm really confused choosing a pair of new gloves for boxing
                  my last gloves were a pair of title pro leather and they were a real disappointment the gloves were much heavier than stated supposed to be 14 Oz but when i weighed them they were 22 and the stitching broke and the left glove totally damaged in less than 5 months sparring and bag work and they were to bulky and hard I couldn't parry punches easily or land combinations

                  my budget allows me to buy a single pair for both sparring and bagwork my sparring I need a durable pair
                  the options for me till now are

                  and I hate too soft padded glovess ilike to feel the impact of the punch on my hand

                  1- Reyes or reyes extra padding but I'm afraid they may be too hard for sparring

                  2- Ring to cage but I'm worried about their durability

                  3- Everlast MX but I'm worried they are everlasts yo know

                  4- may be Ringside but I need an honest review as i now put them in the title category

                  5- I might order a pair of Sabas pro series but they may be hard to order in my country and I don't know how are their quality

                  and I'm open to any suggestions except for Thai style Gloves


                  • Venum Challenger Gloves 2.0

                    First pair of boxing gloves and the reviews seemed good for a beginners pair of gloves for both protection but also not too pricey. Would definitely recommend



                    • Wesing gloves AIBA

                      Has anyone used the AIBA approved wesing gloves? Iím thinking of getting some but canít find any reviews or much info other than whatís been written by wesing themselves. Cheers 🍻