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Why coach spending so much valuable time on strength and conditioning during group sessions??

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    Originally posted by YoungManRumble View Post
    I experienced a similar thing here at the only gym close by that is now closed. Was all about fitness and HIIT and circuit training and I just thought "When do we get to learn how to box or train any boxing techniques?" The place was so overpriced too. Could do that **** at literally any gym or at home... I just stopped going because it was lame and pretty clear what their priority was.
    Most annoying part of it , that is the students in that kinds of gyms are pleased from that they wrong think they learned how to fight.

    Strength and conditioning its something that should done in your own time.


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      Is this a boxing gym?


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        No it's a muay thai / kickboxing gym , but there is no difference same principels


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          I think to be fair to your coach it’s hard to really work on technique in a group class. Everyone is probably making different mistakes and it can take a long time to really get someone out of a bad habit.
          Where I learned to box most of the real technique work came during the open gym times. I think you need that one on one time for a few rounds to start getting a move down.

          Put in as much work in the gym as you can and the coaches will put in the work with you.
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