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Grade a fighter day 11: What grade do you give Amir Khan?

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    B- Was a really good 140 pounder. Made a ton of money and over performed given his chin an other issues. Wasnt afraid of fighting on the road.

    He gets alot of undeserved hate.


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      His Speed is A+: but lacks the ring IQ of when to throw and when not to.

      His Power is C: its not Mallangi power but its not gonna garner any respect from the top fighers either.

      His Ring IQ is C: he knows it but can properly apply it, he get lost in what he is trying to do and forgets everything and leaves himself in very vulnerable positions.

      His Intangibles is B: Workrate is solid, his accuracy is solid, his footwork is trash, and his counters arent where they should be for someone who posses his type of speed.

      His Special Effects is C-: He's basic when it comes to special effects, rarely utilizes a feint, his pivots are out of necessity rather out of trickery, never does any level changes, etc.

      His Durability is C+: Hes tough he can eat shots and still be standing and will fight back, shots that will KO some he has took and fought back but at times his durability can be in question so to me his heart his their his body sometimes is not.


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        Khan had weaknesses and flaws, but when you get yourself in position for million-dollar fghts around the world, you can't be lower than a "B". Nevermind how good and tough boxers have to be to get past their sparring partners and fellow countrymen to get on the world stage.

        This is kinda judging world-class guys against other world-class guys. But you have to be extremely good to get to world-class level and purses.

        The idea that any of these guys are a "C" level makes noi sense. How can you be C-level and get yourself into million-dollar promotions and paydays?

        They may disappoint in some situations, but these guys are very good to get to this level.