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Comments Thread For: Bradley: Spence Looking For Money With Canelo, No Intention of Fighting Crawford

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    Originally posted by -Kev- View Post
    Well i'm not Errol Spence, you will have to ask him that. I'm talking about what has taken place. Anything said about Spence and Crawford at this point are just opinions. Bradley's situation with Khan is not an opinion, they are events and words that took place/were said.

    Neither Spence or Crawford have said they would not fight eachother out of fear of losing. So I can't speak on them.
    Deflection and excuses... Y’all are floundering.


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      Originally posted by Ake-Dawg View Post
      You sound dumb. Really really dumb. 1. Spence is asking for the Canelo fight at 160. 2. No fighter is going to turn down a fight within two weight divisions that will double or triple their normal purse unless it puts them at serious risk of permanent damage (ridiculous weight drain or fighting a giant heavyweight).
      1. Canelo is the CASHCOW. Canelo makes the rules.

      The Canelo has SPOKEN and stated any fight he wants will be at 168.


      2. Fighting Canelo has put Smith and Kovalev at serious and permanent risk. Spencer would get hurt worse than the car accident but I'm all for it.

      3. Hey Ake Dawg

      you dumb bro lmfaooo


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        Disappointed in Spence

        These are two great fighters but I’m really disappointed in Errol. Go up in weight and get the money but first (try to) clear out your own division. I’m starting to be down with Bud. Also, I like Danny Garcia but who has he really beaten at welterweight


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          If this was a espn fighter Bradley would say some **** like "hes chasing greatness!" Tf outta here

          Bradley was a dope fighter but as a commentator hes a straight puppet


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            Originally posted by peplz View Post
            Why do you care is a better question.
            Because I want to see the fight.

            And Crawford is stopping it from happening with his overinflated opinion of his drawing power.


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              Originally posted by peplz View Post
              Canelo is really even a part of the conversation. He came out said that reality is he has no interest in going back down to middleweight or fighting Errol Spence at his post fight press conference. They’re two weight classes apart. No one was ever asking Spence about Canelo. This is just a stone on Spence’s road of excuses.
              Actually Canelo was asked about Spence and Canelo replied "why not" so that's where it started. Later on Canelo said screw 160. Spence didn't just say this out the blue.


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                Lol... Tim Bradley sounds like a focking idiot. Who is making the coffee over at ESPN Jim Jones? Somebody done swapped his brain for Jim Lampley’s. This might be proof of his Get Out operation.

                ESPN you have know right, no leverage and no case. You can’t prevent Errol Spence from being a superstar and Crawford vs Spence is NOT the biggest fight in boxing.

                Wilder vs Fury is bigger. Joshua vs the winner, Spence vs Pacquiao and Spence vs Canelo are all bigger. So get off Top Rank plantation or figure out your position. Cause nobody is entertaining this distraction based nonsense except casuals who don’t know any better.


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                  Originally posted by Oregonian View Post

                  But that’s not the real reason. Arum cooked up the Bradley-PAC scores and we got a trilogy where he made a lot of dollars.
                  Had Bradley fought Khan and lost, that would have been the end of it.

                  Arum is a crook just like all his cousins that run the financial sector, media, health care, insurance, entertainment etc.
                  From Bradley's perspective, the money was the real reason. From Arum's perspective, he always has something up his sleeve.


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                      Originally posted by richardt View Post
                      From Bradley's perspective, the money was the real reason. From Arum's perspective, he always has something up his sleeve.

                      💯 truth
                      Bradley did speak about that several times. He said he took care of his family and that’s what matters and for all those critical of him, he reminded them of the many zeroes in his bank account