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Comments Thread For: Lomachenko on Loss To Lopez: Nothing Honest About The Judging, It's About Being Bribed

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  • Originally posted by HrNY View Post
    addictive for losers who ain't got shit to do. this site got dudes on here christmas day posting, get a life. mods are gay too.

    east side boxing and checkhook
    Nah. Thanks tho.


    • Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post
      Does Checkhook actually think Lomachenko got robbed?
      nope, but they also ain't saying he lost 120-108 lmao

      they also ain't saying in 50 years they still going to b posting on a boxing forum haha

      Originally posted by BoxingIsGreat View Post
      Nah. Thanks tho.

      fa sho, anytime


      • Originally posted by BodyBagz View Post

        Loma is a fool if he thought he won
        he doesnt, guess you didn't read the article


        • Originally posted by joesaiditstrue View Post
          he doesnt, guess you didn't read the article
          Lomachenko on Loss To Lopez: Nothing Honest About The Judging, It's About Being Bribed

          I love making better titles for click bait threads

          ''I lost because I (Lomachenko) was a lazy dumbass for half the fight.''


          • Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post

            Oh look, its Ketamine Kyle/RoadMan94, the homeless crack-head part-time roofer, whos trying to break it into the modeling industry

            Yeah, you got a lot of nerve accusing me of using fake profiles, and suggesting that I have mental issues, considering that in your 300 post, half were dedicated to me -- what a creep! Its no wonder you hang around Eff-Panda ; that guy posted a gif of a underage girl bouncing her boobies, when I called him out on his sick pedo degenarate behavior, he put me on ignore.

            Two BETA-B*tches hating on a G, is what this is.

            Hating on a G?

            Nothing to do with eff pandas
            Is it? Do you realise how pathetic you look? Do you ever read them posts back to yourself? My man, you once Proudly told somebody that you “Live in the Suburbs”.

            So.... my guy, Who you a G for? The BoxingScene Network? Lol. You are too funny. This means too much to you, you need to get out the house and experience real life.

            I suspect you are single with no kids? That can be tough, but with a makeover and a different outlook you could find somebody. But it ain’t going to be on here I’m afraid.

            You’re boy Deontay ain’t answering you’re phone calls anymore is he? Does Elie still use you for views? Hahahah. I love pushing you’re buttons! You buzzing because somebody called you best at making “GIFS”. Hahaha what an accomplishment. �� that’s one to tell you’re pet goldfish ain’t it!! You sad lonely bootleg seckbach looking A$$!!!

            I’d say enjoy Christmas, but what’s the point when you’re single,middle aged, built like an upside down pear and balding living a lonely existence!

            I’m sure you’ll be frequenting this site all over the holidays! You knock ya self out
            I guess you “Putting in that Work” on here aren’t you LMFAO! You Hold it down OG

            1HourRun a Real OG.
            Last edited by RoadMan94; 12-24-2020, 12:37 PM. Reason: Hahahah. I can’t. Haha. You a OG!! ������


            • Originally posted by memphis mook View Post
              Your girlfriend lost. Get over it.
              I do not have a girlfriend. I am married.


              • “I didn't say that the judges were bribed, I said that they were not being objective and they were being biased, they were not being objective in my personal opinion



                • Next time fight all twelve rounds and try not to leave it in the hands of the judges.


                  • Originally posted by sicko View Post
                    Damn fighters of this ERA are FULL of Excuses! YOU LOST!

                    Suck It Up and Come Back Stronger! I say the same thing about Wilder as well but some of you won't have the same consistency. You Bashed Wilder for all of his stupid excuses but for Loma you will DEFEND HIM and say he has a point
                    Lol way to show one round you ***** ass *****. You want to post the many times Loma hurt Lopez and needed to hold on???


                    • Originally posted by 1Qbobo26 View Post
                      Lol way to show one round you ***** ass *****. You want to post the many times Loma hurt Lopez and needed to hold on???
                      Awww did those gifs hurt your little Fanboy Feels?