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Comments Thread For: Arum Vows Public War Over Mandatory Mismatches: It's a F--king Disgrace!

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  • Comments Thread For: Arum Vows Public War Over Mandatory Mismatches: It's a F--king Disgrace!

    Top Rank chairman Bob Arum was watching on ESPN+ on Saturday as unified junior welterweight world titlist Josh Taylor smoked obscure mandatory challenger Apinun Khongsong in the first round at the BT studio at York Hall in London.
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    this has to be a joke coming from Arum. It just has to be


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      Pot and Kettle come to mind...


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        Arum is very old. Just let him speak his mind and ignore.


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          What arum is saying (today) is very true. However the problem is, when it suits him, arum is more than willing to accept the sanctioning bodies stipulated match ups.

          The promoters, networks, fighters etc gave the power to get rid of these organisations. Just stop paying the sanctioning fees and adhering to their "rules". Stand or fall by the strength of the fights.

          Won't happen.


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            The following is my opinion:

            As if any mandatory happens in this sport that the promoters don't want to make. Mandatories are excuses for promoters to put on more **** matchups and charge money for them. Or if it can be maneuvered at the perfect time, mandatories can be used as excuses to lie to the fans that "we're giving you this great fight between #1 and #2, in this 1-in-a-100 circumstance where #1 and #2 were actually mandated to fight each other, because we care about the sport, and the best fighting the best, and giving back to the fans," when in reality, the only reason that #1 and #2 got mandated that 1-out-of-100 time, and not the other 99 out of 100 times, was because it was finally the time that the promoters wanted to cash in on that big 1-vs-2 fight anyway.

            Why did Loma get moved to mandatory to fight for the WBC vs Campbell? Because that was a marketable fight in the UK. Why did Loma get mandated to fight Crolla? Because Crolla is the other big UK name at that weight class besides Luke Campbell.

            Why did Kovalev get mandated to fight Stevenson, only for political bull**** to prevent the purse bid from ever happening? IMO, to create controversy and storylines to try to build fan interest in that fight 3 years down the line, but it never panned out.

            Why did Povetkin get mandated to fight Wilder, only for it not to happen? IMO, to hype up Povetkin but mostly Wilder's name, as the one big ticket selling American top heavyweight, for bigger fights against not-Povetkin down the line.

            All that is my opinion, anyway. IMO, the sanctioning bodies work hand in hand with the promoters, and the promoters work hand in hand with the other promoters. They pretend to hate each other because "political divisions" are IMO, you guessed it, another excuse to sell you crap fights for years while they build up the fight you actually want to see. Without IMO fake "political divisions," there would be no excuse why Crawford and Spence didn't fight years ago, and same with many others. But with these IMO fake political divides, they have a great excuse to hype you up to watch Crawford vs Brook because even though Crawford, the #1 or #2 welterweight, will only be fighting maybe the #10 or #20 fighter in the weight neighborhood, they can sell it as "he's actually fighting the best guy available on that side of the political divide."

            Just my opinion.


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              Lol after the opponents he dragged out for Tyson Fury? Hahaha. Nose, meet kettle.


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                Says the guy who is putting together Crawford vs Brook because he can't find a way to convince pbc to let Crawford fight one of their welterweights.


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                  These f ucking organizations need to hire someone with some f ucking common sense and boxing knowledge to go through their f ucking rankings and don’t allow them to just do the math like in the f ucking 1800’s. Unless it’s a bribe thing, which is most likely the case.
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                    The BobFather created this mess

                    The Bobfather is crying about something he championed, his fighters fighting lesser oppositions instead of the best fighting the best.