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    Originally posted by etech1 View Post
    One more thing. I rewatched Wilder vs Fury 1 yesterday, and if you want to compare Wilder's left hook to Wlad's, lol. It's like comparing grade school to college.

    Though I've won almost every street fight I've been in, I got to say, that his left hook, is pathetic as mine. Lol
    Gotta protect that ego of yours with that ďwon almost every street fight Iíve been inĒ

    Good for you Hercules


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      Originally posted by Boxviewer View Post
      You can say the same about Fury, aweful to watch. Grabbing and clinching all the time.
      I was thoroughly entertained during the last 4 Fury fights. The only time I've been entertained and excited during a Klits fight was against Joshua. Classic! If Klits was blowing out guys for 10 years with exciting early KO's he would have been the face of Boxing in the US and Europe. He could have been been the real life Ivan Drago. Instead nobody wanted to watch those snooze fests and the world forgot about the title of Heavyweight Champion of The World.


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        These are among the very best parts of visiting this site. Thanks Cliff and well done.


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          Did he clinch a lot? Yes. Was he kind of boring? Yes. Was he a hall of famer? Undoubtedly.

          For my money, Vitali was much more fearsome -- better chin, better reactions, more flexible fighter.

          Wlad had an absolutely killer right hand though and -- via Emmanuel Steward-- worked out a ruthlessly efficient way to get past opponents.

          Without a doubt Wlad had flaws, but I still rate him highly and respect him... and I think had he got his rematch vs Fury, there was a good chance he might have overcome that weird reticence he had in the first first, let his hands go, and knocked Fury spark out.


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            Originally posted by Motofan View Post
            These are among the very best parts of visiting this site. Thanks Cliff and well done.
            Much obliged. Thanks for reading.


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              I have a lot of complaints about Wlad and his era. That doesn't mean he wasn't one of the best heavyweights ever. You don't hang on and stay undefeated for as long as he did at heavyweight without being an excellent fighter. Just look at Joshua-Ruiz.

              I'd have to sit down and think about it, but I can't imagine I'm getting to 10 heavyweights all time without Wlad being among them. He's probably closer to the top 5 than he is to number 10, too.

              Honestly the amount of respect I gained for Wlad in the Joshua fight cannot be understated. Well past his prime, coming off a loss and a layoff, and he showed up and gave an absolutely outstanding performance. He looked incredible, and he probably would have beaten Joshua if he was a couple years younger. It was an incredible way to end his career.


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                One of the best articles I read on this site. Wladimir Klitschko will go down in history as an ATG, and having boxed the most heavyweight title fights in Heavyweight history. Underrated because of his race.


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                  Originally posted by ShaneMosleySr View Post
                  Wladimir Klitschko is arguably the best heavyweight of all time.

                  I think Joe Louis is the best. I donít agree with anyone who thinks itís someone not named Joe Louis. But the opinion that Wladimir Klitschko is the best isnít crazier than any other heavyweight people bring up in the greatest of all time discussion.

                  The people who attack him are silly. He did reign over a bad era, just like every other heavyweight champion in history outside of the 1970s and 1990s.


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                    He had a very respectable reign. I just find this very unfortunate that we get to reflect on him, but we completely overlook the incredible career of Big Sky Tye Fields, who should be on everyone's short list.


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                      he couldnt box at all. if he could he wouldnt have clinched nonstop. its like having a ten foot guy in basketball just standing there swatting away every shot. hes amazing! oh wait thats against the rules. its called goaltending yet in boxing there are no rules apparenetly so yeah what greatness