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Comments Thread For: DAZN Can't Afford To Let Golovkin Get Out Of Fighting Canelo Next

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  • Comments Thread For: DAZN Can't Afford To Let Golovkin Get Out Of Fighting Canelo Next

    By Keith Idec - Bored boxing fans haven't received much encouraging news since the COVID-19 pandemic brought this sport to a devastating standstill last month. They haven't seen live fights since March 13, countless cards have been postponed or canceled altogether, and none of the sport's powerbrokers can even say with any authority just what the...
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    Stupid article the chances of you having fans at any point this year for a fight are slim to none.


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      Clutching at straws time.,


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        This article called Golovkin the indisputable "B" side. That's going to be hurtful to a few of his delusional fans who run around on here.


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          yep, DAZN must be plssed

          they kill themselves trying to make the Canelo/Golovkin trilogy

          badly overpaying Golovkin in the process

          then they finally start to make some headway on that fight

          but only after internally hemorrhaging a huge bonus to Canelo

          unfortunately, talk among fans has not been great... most seem to suspect that the fat red kid will lite that boy up like a christmas tree, even Golovkin fans

          but, now... after all that...

          Golovkin doesn't want the fight LMAO

          John Skipper, after receiving an e-mail from Golovkin rejecting the Canelo fight... "Sacramento doe"

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            g-fans, before this latest embarrassment:

            " by refusing to fight Golovkin, Canelo is shltting on DAZN...
            ... he is biting the hand that feeds him...

            g-fans, since this latest embarrassment:

            " oh well, just so long as Golovkin is happy...
            ... god I love him... he is the best middleweight ever...

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              Golovkin is absolutely done.


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                I’d love for all boxers to have to get on the scale right now. I can see how gggs trainers might want another fight before Nelo, especially after this lockdown. But they want to make sum money on that overpriced contract. If GGG fights Nelo next and loses or gets KOd like most think, he could retire after that. I mean I know that’s not boxing precedent but it could happen. So I understand how that would be leaving money on the table. Plus ggg could change trainers anytime. He needs to jump on the nelo fight and not complain if that’s whats wanted of him. Get in shape and fight harder and smarter than ever if that’s even possible. Yeah Nelo has the stroke, but if anyone deserves it it’s him because he’s why ur getting overpaid.


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                  2019 industry trolled about GBP vs Canelo Legal. Canelo is rather awkwardly open in public having some grudge against Oscar or was it Reynoso? Basically GBP using Canelo’s pull to expand DAZN Business for the top dogs in Oscar and Hearn.

                  Boxing fans start to say Canelo doesn’t need GBP.... YET SOMEHOW there are still some fans whom don’t comprehend any of this and blame Canelo regarding this trilogy with GGG.

                  Canelo then starts to tell media prior to Kovalev that GGG no longer presents a challenge, as if there isn’t any truth in that, with fans favoring Canelo, yet some fans AGAIN blame Canelo for any outcome of a trilogy. Lol

                  Canelo also says well if there’s a substantial bonus he’ll consider a trilogy but that DAZN needs to sit down with him. Isn’t OBVIOUS DAZN and GBP never mentioned a GGG Trilogy to Canelo for his multi-deal?! Lol. How is this any of Canelo’s fault? This proves why GGG’s fans are h0mpsexual.

                  Then when Hearn persuades his roster of fighters to prolong negotiations and troll a Canelo fight, just wasting time not accepting offers, Canelo finally decides to do the damn fight because Canelo can’t get paid without any fight, so now the bonus makes sense.

                  THEN, GGG dips out when industry wrote that GGG was promised a Canelo fight under his own multi deal, different narrative than Canelo’s. GGG, another Matchroom puppet.

                  This is all Eddie Hearn scared to lose against the GBP portfolio. All because Hearn has a strong conflict of interest with his executive pals at DAZN whom are tight with Sky...

                  I keep saying it, forget GGG.

                  Canelo should just go into the lion’s den and fight Beterbiev. Canelo now in his prime has the best chance. Something that Ward and Stevenson never dared to attempt.
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                    I agree

                    Golovkin will try get out of fighting canelo as he knows this time he's getting brutally ktfo