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Comments Thread For: Joshua Not Sold on Offering 50-50 Split To Wilder-Fury Winner

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    Originally posted by Vinnykin View Post
    It's very strange how Joshua fans are still claiming A-side and #1 when he was flattened the fight before last and quit.

    Wilder and Fury are fighting each other again, #1 and #2 in the division...... Joshua's belts mean squat in comparison to the winner of that fight.

    They are having a hard time since Joshua lost..... they are still claiming to be the top dog, Hearn is even trying to dictate that the winner will face Joshua in Saudi, like they even get to dictate to Wilder or Fury where they will fight.

    They are deluded in thinking the fact that Joshua makes more money means they hold any power over the winner.... or get to dictate anything as the #3 in the division.

    Wilder nor Fury operate on that level.... money don't mean shiat when it comes to making fights with them.
    exactly! Just because he has a delusional groupie like fan base, doesn't equal in ring accomplishments. And unfortunately in this era, belts mean less than they ever have. I mean, Adrien Broner is a 4 division world champion, that should tell you all you need to know about the significance of belts. Wilder and fury are unequivocally #1 and 2 at hw and a clear winner confirms who #1 would be. Joshua falls beneath that.


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      Beating Andy Ruiz in the rematch was the "biggest" comeback in boxing history! Y'all better ask somebody! LMAO!


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        Lol ....This one is an absolute twat .He was knocked all over the place by a little fat bloke who just can not stop eating and drinking who has sacked his good trainer for no other reason than he's probably told him what a fat little out of shape fuucker he really is .Joshua ran faster than fatty that's all and where's the surprise there?
        Joshua because of this seems to think he's Ali ....Lol...OMG.

        Please just play back the Laurel and Hardy fight and listen to Joshua asking his corner 'what's he going to do next' I'm sure Ali would laugh!


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          Originally posted by MC Hammer View Post
          only UK bumboys know that
          Are you predicting that Joshua v Pulev will sell less tickets and PPV's than Fury v Wilder 2?


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            Originally posted by MC Hammer View Post
            AJ isn't breaking records the Ruiz fight did less than he actually claimed ...
            ... OK, he didn't make $65million... he only made $60m... or $55m... I guess, Wilder would have to fight Fury til he dies, in order to make this numbers...


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              Originally posted by DaNeutral. View Post
              Yet all eyes are on Joshua and what he is willing to give Fury or Wilder. Not the other way around. Joshua is clearly the A side, the cash cow and all sides know it. He cant make them fight him though. That is true. But why wouldnt they want to fight him?
              I think you just hit the nail on the head as to why this fight won't happen..... and why Wilder or Fury don't give a shiat about Hearn or Joshua.

              You, Hearn and Joshua operate on the level of what THEY are willing to give Wilder or Fury.

              Neither need Joshua to be #1 and the top dog in the division, Joshua needs them more.

              Money don't change that fact to Wilder or Fury, who make plenty themselves.

              Hearn and Joshua need to reign in their ego's, and deal with the winner fairly and openly..... they are NOT dictating anything to Wilder or Fury, or giving them anything. They are not going to be in charge of anything.

              Wilder or Fury won't be going to Hearn and Joshua begging for money..... you need to accept that.


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                Same crap by the same posters.... yawnnnnnn! Well I think Joshua is already on a downward trend. I think he loses to both Fury & Wilder but if he wants unification he will have to at the very least go 60/40 to get it done.


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                  Originally posted by PredatorStyle View Post
                  I think that's just business talk rather than what he truly believes...
                  This right here. Joshua's words are essentially his initial offer. Eddie comes out and says he's willing to do 50/50 to get something done, then AJ says "tell me why you deserve it, otherwise 70/30." Next thing you know it's 55/45 and the fight is in UK or Saudi Arabia. There is some pre-negotiation posturing happening to get the concessions in the contract they really want.


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                    Originally posted by joe strong View Post
                    Same crap by the same posters.... yawnnnnnn! Well I think Joshua is already on a downward trend. I think he loses to both Fury & Wilder but if he wants unification he will have to at the very least go 60/40 to get it done.
                    Hes already tried that one, With the 1st fight being in America as per Wilders demand. Wilder said no. Hell before Joshua said about not being happy with 50-50 Wilder and Finkel had already waved off the 50-50 talk from Hearn. Wilder just dont want to fight Joshua, never has and never will.


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                      AJ is a coward