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Fury vs. Wilder II Prediction?

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  • Fury vs. Wilder II Prediction?

    I was looking for a thread like this and can't find it.

    My pick for the first fight was that, if Fury was anywhere near what he was, he'd win by TKO round 10.

    As I'm assuming he will have improved on his condition in the first fight, I'll stick with that prediction.

    But what do you guys have?
    Fury by KO/TKO
    Fury - points
    Another draw
    Wilder - points
    Wilder - KO/TKO

    The poll is expired.

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    I’ll go with Fury by decision. I could see him getting knocked down again and getting that cut reopened, but still boxes enough to deserve the decision. If it goes the distance I’m sure we’ll have controversy again.


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      Fury wins several rounds and then gets brutally knocked out.


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        I’m so torn... Fury likely will win most of the rounds but Wilder carries that game changing power for 12 rounds and can end the fight out of nowhere.

        If you put a gun to my head I’d say Wilder by KO but I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Fury essentially schools him.

        This is what makes it such a great fight both are ostensibly the antithesis of the other.


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          I hope Fury works on his conditioning. Otherwise, Wilder will touch him often and aggravate his eye. I'd say Fury by SD.


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            Some good posts.... I just think if a Fury at around 70% coming off a three-year layoff could win the first time (draw on the cards), then what could an active version do?


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              I reckon bull****, ****ery, or some such similar should be a poll option. A catch-all for things like bad reffing or bad judging and so on.


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                Fury by TKO if he stays focused throughout and does not clown around.


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                  My gut says wilder via KO but I also picked that in the first fight and ate crow( and picked wlad to stop fury based solely off the Cunningham fight lol) , that's when i promised myself i wouldnt pick against fury again until i see a visible decline , which I havent seen yet . The wallin fight was typical fury fighting down to his opponent , plus he had a 47 stitch cut . Iam going against my gut and picking fury via decision
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                    I don’t have a clue.

                    I think Fury fights to the level of his competition and will be at his best because he’s fighting the other top guy in the division. I expect him to win every round.

                    So if it goes to the cards, I expect him to win a wide unanimous decision.

                    That being said, I think Wilder might have a better idea of what it’s like to fight Fury and might be able to catch him quicker, a la Stiverne and Ortiz.

                    So I either think it’s Wilder by knockout between rounds 8 and 12 or Fury by wide decision.

                    I don’t have a clue. I’m excited for this one because of that.