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    1. Gerald McClellan
    Why? See my thread about him. He knocked out almost all of his opponents in the first round. When he gets beat by an ATG (and paralyzed) he almost kills the guy in the process. A tough guy if there ever was one.

    2. Julius Jackson
    Why? Watch how hard he can hit, one punch KOs but better than most in history as he kept his power when off balance (ie he didnít need to set his feet).

    3. Deontay Wilder
    Why? He can lose as many rounds as he needs, as long as he gets the one-two placed right the fightís pretty much over.

    4. Joe Louis
    Why? Dynamite even in his short hands, right and left.

    5. George Foreman
    Why? Well for one he lift Joe Frazier OFF THE GROUND with his shots. Wow.

    6. Wladimir Klitschko
    Why? 1100 psi punches. Destroys most fighters past or present head-to-head.

    7. Mike Tyson
    Why? Look at the way such a little man destroyed the much larger fighters he faced. He took them apart like a bulldozer demolishing an old storage shed.

    8. Rocky Marciano
    Why? Watch his KO of JJW. Scary stuff...

    9. Marvin Hagler
    Why? Watch his firefight with Tommy Hearns! Youíll get the picture. An ATG and OG for sure.

    10. Srisasket sor Rungvisai
    Why? His one shot power is devastating and unlike anything Iíve ever seen at that weight.

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    I always liked Nigel benn. Ernie shavers and Gerry cooney, Ron lyles, Cleveland williams, because foreman said so.
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      Hearns, Lennox, Paulie M......


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        Ernie shavers because so many of his opponents said so (even ones who beat him).


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          I'd have to add Shavers, Hearns, Naseem.


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            Pound for pound? Naseem Hamed. Not many featherweights with a knockout reel like this.


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              Originally posted by Legends456 View Post

              3. Deontay Wilder
              Why? He can lose as many rounds as he needs, as long as he gets the one-two placed right the fightís pretty much over.

              Ive only recently been getting into boxing in a big way and for me Wilder has extraordinary power. The 2nd Ortiz fight was almost unbelievable. Ortiz who is a very decent if ageing fighter dominates most rounds and is winning comfortably.One punch by Wilder in the 7 th and Ortiz is finished.


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                Originally posted by Toffee View Post
                Pound for pound? Naseem Hamed. Not many featherweights with a knockout reel like this.
                Oh yes. How can we forget prince?


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                  David tua

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                    Largely based on mood, ask me again and you'll get a different list....probably.
                    1. Roy Jones
                    2. Bob Fitzsimmons
                    3. Floyd Mayweather
                    4. Joe Gans
                    5. Henry Armstrong
                    6. Rocky Marciano
                    7. Evander Holyfield
                    8. Nonpareil Dempsey
                    9. Sam Langford
                    10. Joe Walcott (barbados)

                    Roy Jones Jr. is the only MW in 3k years to actually put on weight and fight as a HW with HW minimums and become champion. Singular, one, ever. Nothing stands against time like Roy.

                    Bob is one of few who ever marched from MW to HW and became champion. He didn't gain weight like Roy, but he did often give up massive pounds and his scalps are better.

                    Mayweather, probably has more HOF wins than anyone on top of his seven(?) weight division run.

                    Gans goes from LW to WW to LW again but while doing it shows the world what points boxing is meant to look like.

                    Armstrong, if you don't know you is a caz. Armstrong's the multiple belt and all time weight differential king.

                    Marciano, crazy dominance over his period. So much so that excuses have to be drummed up to mitigate the black eye Rock represents to hit and don't be it back boxing. Not a single points fighter in all of boxing history to contest his 49-0. Marciano showed the world what a puncher looks like.

                    Real Deal Holyfield was 90s boxing. Without him would Mike or Lennox actually have fought anyone all that good? His being the only four time champion goes back as far as Onomastos and Tisandros, the two first HW champions ever recorded period.

                    Nonpariel Dempsey is the reason we have p4p today. He is the original man who was so skilled fans thought if not for size would be HW champion and so should be seen as the HW champion's equal if not superior. Not only does he have the scalps of his day but also hands down one of the most thrilling MW title fights of all time that could easily be made into a big time Hollywood movies that's have more action than Rocky and more depth than Cinderella Man

                    Sam Langford was a WW, MW at best, loads of people forget that given he was the five time colored HW champion and the NSC/IBU HW champion.

                    The Barbados Demon Joe Walcott has a damn fine record and a damn fine resume but his 20 round draw against Joe Gans proves his validity beyond all that. Most of Gans draws are not very true, when you read about the blow by blow Gans whooped them fools, but, it was the olden where things like being white might get you a draw or something less hateful but just as damaging to historical quick looks at resume; the guy he battered didn't get KO'd so it's a draw. Demon was 5'1"