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Comments Thread For: Tyson Fury: Joshua Can't Box, He's a Brawler, I Know The Truth

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    Great breakdown, thanks mate. for bileau2


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      Originally posted by billeau2 View Post

      All these fighters are improving as they fight more. A lot depends on what version of Fury shows up for the fight. Fury has the advantage of being in a boxing family and having developed skills from an early age, but Joshua is developing the capacity to work behind his jab and the patience to set up his shots, things that all fighters develop as they fight more. Joshua's biggest thing imo is his confidence, he is getting more confident as he fights more (what a suprise).

      If Fury manages to show up ready to fight the Gypsy King is a handful for anyone! Joshua's best preparation is to fight,and fight and fight. Fury has to get his timing back and get sharp. Against a puncher the boxer has an advantage in a 12 round contest.

      What people have to realize about Fury is that he never had a problem with cardio in the ring. When he loses his focus he does stupid things, like get decked, punch himself, etc! My point is that his conditioning is not such an issue so much as his timing and ability to pick up where he left off. This would be a good fight.
      I still feel that AJ's inside work and his counterpunching ability are being overlooked. That could be a bad combination for Tyson Fury. He would have to box from a distance from Round 1 to Round 12


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        Originally posted by KJR89 View Post
        😂😂😂😂 AJ better overall? Apart from power & strength what attributes Does AJ hold over fury? ? And if klitschko was a statue when fury beat him he must of been a corpse by the time AJ went life & death with him
        Different fights and situations. As of now I think that Joshua would knock Fury out, even if the latter came back into fighting shape.

        I think many people underestimate Joshua's boxing abilities.


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          Joshua isnt even a brawler, he's just a stiff robot.

          Fury is right that AJ will struggle with anyone who can move like a boxer, even a midget like Takam tied him in knots and gave him problems.


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            Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post
            Fury dropping some boxing knowledge on A "Juicing" J.

            You can't turn a carthorse into a racehorse.
            A "juicing" J (that really doesn't have a ring to it) has never been caught or banned.

            You know who has?


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              Brawlers can fight in the pocket. Joshua cannot.


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                Fury did great neutralising Klitschko like that in the lions den and with all the mind games Wlad liked to pull during his reign but at the same time itís one elite style that itís proven to work against. Itís not like we saw him beat many different styles at the top level and rack up some defences. 2015 Fury is gonna be held to a mythical pedastal at this rate.

                Itíll be interesting to see if Fury gets under Joshuaís skin like he did to Wlad or Whyte did to Joshua because he could build up an early lead with his awkwardness and reach. If Fury builds a lead, starts taunting and lures Joshua into swinging wildly frustratingly then it will be a big night for the furious one but i think Joshua can maintain his composure and slowly chip away with measured pressure each round and eventually break him down to get the late stoppage.


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                  Originally posted by juggernaut666 View Post
                  You ASSUMED Klitchko was a CORPSE against Joshua ?

                  You either didnt see the fight or you had too much to drink ? Which one bc Klitchko never moved as much at ANY time in his career .
                  I disagree, Wladmir moved alot more against Povetkin then he did with Joshua. He stood in the pocket way too long against Joshua which is what caused the tko and retirement from shot reflexes and legs.


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                    While Fury is correct here, it does not change the fact that he has beat ZERO top opponents without cheating. Also, at 400 pounds, Fury can't move much anyway, even with his cocaine.

                    The hw division is still weak. There is Wilder who is trying to fight the top guys, you got AJ who honestly seems scared to death of top foes, there is Fury who is 400 pounds and zero good wins without cheating, then Povetkin, Ortiz and a few others who are nothing without their peds. As it is, AJ and Wilder are the only ones with a real chance to beat the other, though each has real flaws that could be taken advantage of. Its just the rest of the bunch is that bad.


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                      Originally posted by RapidSon View Post
                      I disagree, Wladmir moved alot more against Povetkin then he did with Joshua. He stood in the pocket way too long against Joshua which is what caused the tko and retirement from shot reflexes and legs.
                      You realise Wlad basically completely clinched in that fight right ...please point out the rounds or even one round where he moved more in the Povetkin fight ?

                      Dont bother bc then you are just rewriting history . Klitchko HAD to keep moving against Joshua ,particularly the eary rnds or he wouldn't have even lasted 5 .