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These Fighters Want to Be "Money" but want to skip the trials of "Pretty Boy"

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    It is quite sad that any meaningful topic gets thrown off track within a couple of pages.


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      When you mention "the trials of Pretty Boy" I'm assuming that you're referring to his court trials for domestic violence offenses and other unlawful acts? Not every boxer is willing to resign their humanity for fame and fortune.


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        Or maybe this is not a coincidence; --maybe someone gave them the idea that if they keep on mentioning that they are the a-side; and and make ridiculous demands, people will soon believe their delusion. Who might that plant seeder be?

        If you talk about hardship as barometer of achieving a-side status, then nobody touches Pacquiao on this department, it's like he had undergone through the 12 labors of Hercules before getting there. What a poor fellow, everything in life went hard for this guy, he just won't quit till he get there, won't he?


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          Floyd really didn't do nothing special besides beating Hoya & Hatton. I guess there were the guys later on as fat/past it versions of themselves but for he most part these guys now seem to be on about the same path.

          Pacquiao's career was a true trial by fire, pretty amazing in retrospect.


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            Originally posted by FeFist View Post
            It is quite sad that any meaningful topic gets thrown off track within a couple of pages.
            Yeah I should've known the Floyd bait would attract the roaches. Should've used a different example


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              Originally posted by BertoRollin' View Post
              If I hear the word "A-Side" one more time, I will throw a fit.

              This thread is inspired by Danny Jacobs A-side rant BTW.

              It's no secret I'm a Floyd fan. Been one since 1996 when he fought at the Olympics. He is one of the most skilled, compete fighters I have ever seen and I love watching boxing at its highest level. With that said, I do not like the impact he will leave on the sport going forward.

              I understand divas have existed since the 1900s. The great Ray Robinson was a diva, Leonard was a diva, and numerous other fighters used to get cute in negotiations to gain advantages. That's not my issue. You put in work, bleed, fight killers, put your life at deserve to get paid, call the shots and make it tough for a young fighter to use the name that you worked so hard to build to launch his career.

              But now, you have guys like Danny Jacobs, Peter Quillin, Frampton/Quigg, Rigo/Loma, Demetrius Andrade, GGG/Ward, Kovalev/Stevenson, Khan/Brook, etc. etc. talking this a-side, A-side BS. What have these guys accomplished to be making such demands? None of them have classic battles, hall of fame resumes or anything.

              And it doesn't end there. You have Danny Garcia taking soft touches and not giving anybody rematches. Adrien Broner declaring himself next in line while accomplishing nothing. Keith Thurman treating Errol Spence like other fighters he complains about. GGG and Rigo afraid to test their skills one division higher. Nobody has the desire to be the next ATG fighter.

              Floyd and Pac weren't perfect but they took risks, gave rematches in controversial fights, and fought the best in several weight divisions. When moving up to 135, Floyd fought Castillo while Broner and Garcia fought Paulie.

              I understand there are some qualities that make you born a superstar. Your charisma, nationality, color, personality, etc. But every boxing superstar from Leonard, Chavez, Floyd, Pac, Oscar, Tyson, etc.....all had one thing in common.....

              They tested themselves against the best. And they didn't act like divas until they earned the right to.
              Give the man a green K. Im in 100 percent agreement with u. Boys havent accomplished nething but they are hollering A side.

              I blame Cotto for alot of this for his behaviour during the Martinez fight. After that then everybody thinks they're the ****ing A side.

              Also blame fan girls for hollering that **** as an excuse for their favorite fighter ducking real threats.

              Leave at they punk **** at the negotiation table. Real fans dont want to hear that ****


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                Originally posted by BertoRollin' View Post
                Nobody has the desire to be the next ATG fighter.
                I was gonna make a thread about this but Ill just leave here. Here's my 2 cents on this topic:

                I think part of the reason why Floyd, Pacquiao, Canelo and even Cotto have made it to where they are is AMBITION. Whether is ambition for money, legacy, fame, etc etc.

                But now you have these promorters (mostly Haymon) paying these guys MILLIONS and even when they arent making millions they are getting excessively for doing nothing and fighting no one. When you're getting paid this much for fighting bums why are you gonna bother testing yourself? Let's face it, we all love getting paid for more than we actually do. The way to keep these guys hungry for fame and money is to not feed them (pay them as much). If you're paying them this much for doing nothing how will they motivate themselves to actually become someone?


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                  Originally posted by BertoRollin' View Post
                  Maybe I'm being unrealistic but I just think Loma can come in at 140 and Rigo would still win. I think the demands are unnecessary.
                  I think he can too but let's face it, it's only normal in this sport to try and get an advantage or at least even out the playing field. The only thing Rigo has said that comes close to the whole "A-Side" issue is, "Im the champion. These guys (at 122) should wanna fight me."


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                    Originally posted by FeFist View Post
                    It is quite sad that any meaningful topic gets thrown off track within a couple of pages.
                    Yes it is, but expected on NSB. Especially when the same knuckleheaded morons that flock to every Floyd\Pac thread, continue to spread their BS.

                    They're not here for dialog, because they're incapable of even the most mundane reasoning or logic, all they do is type BS in abundance. If its a Floyd thread, you can count on the Pac-turds and Khan-turds jumping in to type the same shit they type every day. Kinda like a mindless automaton
                    If its a Manny thread, the same thing occurs with the Floyd-turds. And if its a Khan-man thread, well he hasn't accomplished shit and just talks constantly, so the Khan-turds run in to defend him like you just insulted a sultan or something. Typical forum rats!!


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                      good post...