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  • Originally posted by TheMexHurricane View Post
    Mexicans shouldn't fight in the USA. The reason we get robbed is because white Americans are trying to validate their narrative that the old time white fighters are better than today's Mexicans and they judge, write and commentate with that agenda. We should fight in Mexico and Macau. We should boycott the Americans and make them lose money.
    A bit extreme but I will agree with some of your reasoning... there are quite a few worrisome folks concerned with the Hispanic influx into the US. Wasn't it recently that Univision beat all other channels in viewership in a particular day/hour?

    I reject bigotry in all its manifestations, but the sad reality is that many are finding it hard to cope with this diaspora.


    • Bradly beat Pac-man and JMM, people need to get over it.


      • Originally posted by TOBYLEE1 View Post
        I really don't know. But Bradley will be looking for paydays and I doubt that a rematch against Marquez will be on PPV.

        People would rather pay to see Bradley on a rematch agaisnt Provo or Pac (if he wins)

        Marquez is to far in his career to fight a low tier fighter and needs to be challenged so he can be at his best.
        Yea, Bradley fought Marquez at his absolute highest and i guess people weren't as interested in the fight as we thought.
        Provo rematch looking better now and Pac rematch is out there


        • JMM is delusional. Why he cant take the L and move on? The fight is not going to do good numbers. They barely break even.