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Comments Thread For: IBF's Refusal of Ortiz-Molina Leaves Hole on 12/14

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  • Comments Thread For: IBF's Refusal of Ortiz-Molina Leaves Hole on 12/14

    Golden Boy Promotions' scheduled Showtime pay-per-view, on December 14th, took a big hit on Tuesday, when the International Boxing Federation refused to sanction a junior middleweight title fight between IBF champion Carlos Molina (22-5-2, 6KOs) and the returning Victor Ortiz (29-4-2, 22KOs).

    Golden Boy was working hard on trying to get Ortiz ranked at 154, but the sanctioning body held their position on refusing to allow the Molina fight to go forward (at least as a title fight). Ortiz, inactive since June 2012, was returning from back to back knockout defeats and had never fought above the welterweight limit.
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    I guess they didn't offer much to the IBF officials.


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      wasnt worth paying a ppv price anyway. should be on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING! ftp gbp!


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        Bob Aum

        Bob Aum would've got him ranked!!! lol if you know boxing you know what im talking about!!!


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          IBF isn't like the WBC... You can't just justify any ole defense with cash money.


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            fantasic news, I am tired of golden boy paying off these organisations to get their guys paper belts, in the real boxing world

            berto, ortiz, guerrero and others would never have a world title, these guys are b/c fighters who have 1 fight at 147 against trash and are fed to guys like floyd

            ortiz just came off from getting his ass kicked and was almost gifted a title, great stuff ibf

            thank you for protecting boxing the golden girls who are crooks


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              Ortiz vs Molina and Mosley vs Ortiz are both s**t fights. Bring on Berto vs Ortiz 2 or Ortiz vs Lopez 2 either one will do.


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                So have them fight without the belt being on the line just like with Lucas-Peterson

                But Canelo needs that belt ehhh

                Ortiz should rematch berto


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                  As long as ortiz is on the card I don't care. Who's even training him?


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                    Cotto just came off of a 3 round sparring session. He should take that fight, he's already in the IBF's top 10 at 154. Easy work.